Today I’m linking in to Five Minute Friday hosted by Kate Motaung. This was written in 5 minutes.

That’s what she heard
And she acted
There was no time to waste.

The word was not a request
It was not an order either
It was an urging.

So she began to tell
Of the horrors she had undergone
The torture she endured
How deep her wounds were
And how hard it was to heal.

That’s what she needed to do
To begin the process of healing
To acknowledge her worth
To start to realize her potential.

She told of her dreams
Her vision for the world
The longings of her heart
The deep passion she had hidden.

And she began to speak
Shaky at first
Then her words flowed
She spoke without hesitation
Knowing that she was understood
Realizing that she was valued.

And her telling began to count
People sat up and took notice
Some found her voice echoed their own feelings
Some were inspired
Others felt uncomfortable
But she had to tell
She had to speak
She had to voice her truth.


speak your truth

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