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I am speaking my truth. Finally. And boy, does it feel good.

In recent times I’ve been rather put off by a lot of negative and even hateful stuff that I’ve seen being shared on social networks. I was filled with disgust when a person I admired shared a picture of President Obama with a blatantly racist message under it. I get that he was mad at Obama’s policies, but that didn’t give him license to be a racist. Another person shared a message that basically said all members of a particular religion are terrorists. How crazy is that!

It took me a while to say what I did, but I finally put out a Facebook status message saying that I had had enough and might have to cut some people off my list.Β  Does that mean I’m saying you cannot share anything unless it meets my approval? Not at all. All I’m saying is that I consider some statements and views to be offensive. I don’t want to see them or read them.Β  That is my choice. If anyone wants to share them, that’s their choice. However, I might choose to cut them out of my circle. No threats. Just the truth.

In my quest this year to be authentic, I find myself getting more comfortable stating my views and not being bothered about being popular. In the past, I would tend to sugarcoat my words and sometimes lose out on the content of my message. I’m learning not to be too bothered about what others think of my words, so long as I know that these words are coming from my own beliefs and values. What I’m learning about authenticity is that it simplifiesΒ  life. I say what I truly believe and don’t stress about how it is viewed.

I would love hear about your own experiences of speaking your truth and how comfortable you are doing that. Do share.