It gives me great pleasure to welcome Talya Tate Boerner to share her thoughts on gratitude today. I met Talya through a Facebook group for bloggers and love her writing style, her humour, the songs she chooses to add to her posts and her warm and friendly manner.  Originally from Arkansas, Talya now lives in Dallas, Texas, USA. Her blog, Grace, Grits and Gardening , showcases her many interests and her stories of food, farm, family and fun.

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My Gratitude Practice is part of the Living Gratitude Series

November has become synonymous with gratitude. On Facebook, many people are participating in the Thirty Days of Gratitude challenge—posting one grateful thing each day in November.

Since I already bombard my friends with blog posts and quotes and pictures several times a day, I decided they (you) would be grateful if I declined to participate in this.

Instead, I found another way to work gratitude into November.

Last November, I began a daily writing practice. As part of my practice, I write the date, place, time and consecutive day of practice. For example:

August 30, 2013
Dallas, Texas
6:44 a.m.
Day 271

After I record my setting, I write for however long I feel like writing… Later I can go back, review where I was on a particular day, and remember what I was thinking or feeling.

This November, I decided to add something I’m grateful for at that moment. My daily writing may or may not be about that particular thing—that’s not the point of this exercise. If I begin each day focused on one thing I’m grateful for instead of something I want or think I need, my entire day is set in a positive tone of thanksgiving and gratefulness.

On day 338 of my writing practice, I was grateful for rain.

Today it was coffee.

I encourage you to start each day, whether you write or not, with a bit of gratitude. No matter how small.


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