Who doesn’t want to be happy? We’re constantly searching for happiness. One of the things that makes me happy as an avid reader and and a blogger is that I get access to a lot of books free! So when I saw an offer from Story Cartel to review Happy Every Day – Simple, Effective Ways To Better Days, I was hardly likely to turn it down, was I?

The author of the book is Bryan Hutchinson, who has a blog called Positive Writer.

In Happy Every Day, Bryan is not attempting to sell you the concept of happiness or promise you the perfect life. To quote him

I learned the secret to living up to and going beyond one’s potential is: Happiness.  Being happy is the secret. Not freakishly happy, as if nothing ever goes wrong………No, I’m talking about real, lasting happiness. The kind that lets you know the sun will eventually shine again……

Now that’s the kind of practical stuff I like to read. The book is written like a series of blog posts, which personally, I found quite an interesting style. The idea is to read one chapter a day and journal based on the suggestions given at the end of each chapter. Most of his ideas are quite practical and might seem simplistic at first. But I do believe, if one was to follow them with an open mind, it would definitely make a lot of difference.

For example, one of the chapters is Kindness and he has included simple things we could do to show kindness to others. The journal exercise accompanying this is to write down all the kind things you did in the day. This is a sure way to increase your self-esteem. If you do this on a regular basis, you can revisit all your ‘kindness’ entries and appreciate yourself more.

happy every day 1
I found that some of the chapters were a bit shallow and could have been explored in more depth. For example, the chapter on Forgiveness, not the easiest of subjects, could have done with more work.

I would have hoped that the book would be error free, but I did spot some grammar and punctuation errors.

Overall the book gets a 7 on 10 rating from me.