Ten years, this year. Yes, that’s how long we’ve been married. We celebrated our anniversary in our quiet way – just the two of us holidaying in Goa – the place we got married in. At the end of ten years, and at the ripe old age of 52, I can say the best part of our marriage is that he gets me! Yes, that’s the biggest blessing, because I’m afraid that most times my family of origin cannot fathom my choices and behavior! They find me a bit too much to handle! Also, I’ve lost quite a few friends over the years because of differences of opinion and the fact  I’ve made not to allow anyone to dictate my choices.

He gets me!

With José it’s easy for me to say what I feel and know that he won’t be shocked. It’s easy to be authentic. He’s not embarrassed by me raising my voice (unlike my Dad who often told me to speak softly) or taking on someone. He gets that I need to stand up for myself.  Quite simply, he gets that I’m an independent woman and gives me the space to be me.

But he also gets my goat! Ha, ha. Yes, today’s prompt is about 5 things about your partner that irritate you and I’m sorry I’m going to throw you under the bus, José.

  1. One of the things that irritates me, is a common problem that I’m sure most women face with their male partners. I dare not share a problem or an issue with him without him starting to give me a solution. Once you understand that men move into problem solving mode because they don’t want you to be hurt or struggle with something, it’s easy to accept.
  2.  Another thing that irritates me is that he’s almost always right.  I’m often quite naive and tend to go headlong into things and generously offer my time and effort to people and causes. He’s pretty good at reading situations and people and will sometimes warn me ahead about how things are going to turn out. Nine times out of ten,  José’s predictions are right.
  3. He’s messier than I am. We’re both pretty messy, especially about our study tables and reading area. Too much stuff and not sorted out too. I guess I’ve always hoped that I’d have someone to clean up for me. No such luck!
  4. He calls me out on bull****. This kind of goes hand in hand with #2.  Now it’s not always a comfortable feeling to have someone telling you that you’re hiding behind excuses. So let me put it down in the ‘things that irritate me’ list, as much as I appreciate it.
  5. He doesn’t like surprises. If you’re a Leo, you’ll know that surprises, gift-giving and receiving are things we love. José does try to surprise me, but for him the best part of romance is in the everyday gestures of love and caring and in buying me things that I need. He puts a lot of effort into planning our vacations too.

The best part of living together for this long is that we’ve learned to accept each other’s craziness. I’m certain José’s list will be double the length of mine, but who cares, he’s stuck with me!


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