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Emergency! That’s a word that’s enough to instill fear in many of us. Even more so for us Indians who’ve lived through times of Emergency in the country.

An earthquake, a flood, an accident, a bombing, a murder, the sudden death of loved ones – these are all events that by their very nature shock us.

Be prepared” works as a good motto for the Boy Scouts, but can any of us be truly prepared for an emergency when it happens?  I believe that some of us are better wired to act decisively in an emergency – we have a natural instinct to be cool and to think rationally.  My brother is an example of  a real cool head in an emergency. I remember when a neighbor in the building behind ours set himself on fire, before any of us realized what was happening, my brother was in the next house and wrapping the man in blankets.  When he was in an accident, where he was riding in the front next to the driver, he managed to break out of the car and climb on to the road and call for help.

A cool head alright, but my brother is one of the most ‘prepared-for-an-emergency’ guys I know.  You should see his bags when he’s taking a road trip or one of his outdoor travels.  Why even on ‘ordinary’ days, you’ll never find him without a good pen-knife.  I’ve learned a few things from my brother and my Mom.  For example, I almost always have a band-aid, a safety-pin, a pen, a notebook on me when I move out of the house. You never know when you’ll need one!

I’ve come to the conclusion that being calm in an emergency also comes with the confidence of being prepared.

Talking about preparation, I do think that it’s important to be  prepared for an emergency physically but also emotionally and spiritually.

How do you handle emergencies? With a cool head? Do you think you’re well prepared for emergencies?


This is my response to Write Tribe Prompt # 1

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