Today I’m happy to be part of a virtual blog tour for a little book packed with wisdom and insight. I will be sharing my review and give you a chance to throw your hat into the ring for a most generous giveaway from the author.


How to Prepare for Old Age
(without taking the fun out of life)
By Bernard S. Otis
Genre: Nonfiction
Available on Amazon

how to prepare for old age


In this touching, often humorous and very personal account, Bernie shares his 86 years of life, love, less and laughter as an inspirational guide to what it means to age without growing old. His advice on love after 60, how to talk with family members about illness what you should be prepared for when confronting tragedy and loss, what it means to be a caregiver to a loved one and many other of life’s challenges are a must for family members young and old.

Mr. Otis’s book is a treasure trove of personal and professional life experiences that will help you prepare for old age and take control of the nature of aging. Be prepared to laugh out loud and quietly shed a tear as Bernie takes you through the voyage of life.

The author

Bernard S. (Bernie) Otis is a delightful and well known speaker, writer and community leader who has made his 65-year career in the food service facility planning, marketing, management, sales and consulting industries. His life’s work has included service to many hotels and restaurants in Southern California, Santa Clarita, San Diego, Las Vegas and New York City among others. He has been instrumental in serving several top companies such as Hewlett Packard and Disneyland as well as major hospitals, universities and restaurants around the country. His community involvement includes work with the National Indian Gaming Association and the Rotary Club (where he has been a member since 1954 and a Paul Harris Fellow.) After his wife’s death in 2012, Bernie, a trained Hospice care giver, began working with families of terminally-ill patients.

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My review

As someone who has just entered her 50s, and whose parents are approaching their 90s, this was just the book I needed to read.

Essentially, the book is a call to people to make it easier for themselves and their loved ones to be prepared emotionally and practically for old age. It’s a call to live life to the fullest and yet be prepared for the unexpected. This joke included in the book illustrates just that:

An eighty-year-old man is sitting on a bench in Central Park. It is five in the afternoon and he is crying. A young businesswoman on her way home from work comes up to him and asks him what was wrong and why he is crying.
He replies, “This is terrible. My first wife passed away one year ago today, and I remember I had such a hard time handling her affairs. Now I am married to a gorgeous blonde-haired, blue-eyed woman who takes very good care of me. She’s as young as you. She cooks me wonderful meals and takes me out to dinners, theatre, and everywhere. She keeps a clean house and we enjoy a beautiful physical relationship.”
The woman is surprised and says, “So why are you crying?”
He answers, “I cannot remember where I live.”

Written from the perspective of an 86 year old, the book made me laugh, cry and nod my head in agreement quite a few times. Filled with anecdotes the book also has a lot of practical wisdom. For example, the author has dedicated one chapter to questions and a checklist that is so useful for an older person’s family when s/he becomes ill and eventually passes away. These are questions about insurance, finances etc.

I would certain recommend this book to all of us starting our journey through midlife.  [rating=4]

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