I see her standing there
With that broad smile on her face
A smile that belies
All the pain she is going through.
What inner strength it must take
For her to smile and not complain
To be grateful for through the pain
I see that warrior woman and I am inspired.

I walk the length of the beach
Letting my my feet sink into the sand
Watching the never-ending line of blue
I see the waves come up to the shore
Sometimes gentle, sometimes rough
I think of the Maker of this Universe
So powerful, yet so gentle
I see the sea and I am inspired.

I open the pages and start to read
Wondering how the author knows me
How has she crafted these words
That seemingly echo my feelings?
How did he create this scene
That had me in tears?
I dwell on the beauty of words
And their ability to captivate me
I read a book and I am inspired.

I watch you as you deftly transform
A blank sheet of paper
Into a riot of  beautiful colors
I wonder what you are creating
What absorbs you so completely
Slowly it begins to take shape
The loveliness of your imagination
Shining through in your art
I watch you create and I am inspired.

I listen to you talking
To the young one in your care.
Where you learnt your parenting skills
I will never know.
I hear you explaining situations
Setting boundaries
Talking of consequences
With patience and humour
I listen to you and I am inspired.

I see you on the street
Gently leading an old woman through traffic
I watch you pick up litter
I see you stop to pat a stray dog.
You’ve sat at hospital bedsides
Donated your blood
Raised funds for a cause,
Never once drawing attention to yourself.
I see your kindness and I am inspired.

I’ve noticed how people are drawn to you
They come to you to talk.
I’ve watched how you listen with understanding
Not judging, not advising
Trustworthy, affirming
Just being there – a solid presence.
You nod and smile
Show compassion and give warm hugs.
I notice your attentive listening and I am inspired.

I pause to reflect on my life
Fifty years full of memories
Some good, some unpleasant
I marvel at how I’ve journeyed
Making some good choices
And some terrible ones
I’m grateful for the grace
That saw me through my low days;
Love that has surrounded me.
I reflect on my life’s journey and I am inspired.


What inspires you?

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