be thankful

We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in India nor am I a big believer in special days. However, I certainly believe in the concept of giving thanks for all the abundance we enjoy.

Gratitude is an ‘orientation towards noticing and appreciating the positive in the world.’
~ International Positive Psychology Association Newsletter April 2008.

While it’s easy for us to stop and be grateful for the ‘big’ blessings – passing an exam, a loved one being restored to health, getting an unexpected raise – we often tend to take the ‘little’ blessings for granted. Slowly, we become immune to all the goodness around us – the beauty of a sunset, the refreshing feeling after a bath, the comfort of a hot cup of tea, the smile of a child and all the little things that our loved ones do for us. We begin to lose our ability to focus on abundance and discontent starts to creep into our lives.

Gratitude is something that I’ve come to believe in very strongly.   I am trying to live with an attitude of gratitude in my daily life and although it takes practice, I know it works wonders with my well being. I am convinced that having an attitude of gratitude has saved me from going down the slippery slope of blame, regret and self-pity.

“she had dropped to her knees in gratitude.
now she got up to live her gratefulness –
and give back some of what she had received.”
Terri St. Cloud

The Living Gratitude Series

It seemed appropriate to have a series on this subject on Everyday Gyaan this November.  I will have some great bloggers posting their take on gratitude and I will be sharing various resources that will enable us to focus on the attitude of gratitude. So watch out for a post every day for the next ten days!


What does gratitude mean to you? Do you have an attitude of gratitude? Do you have a ‘gratitude story’ to share? Please send me your responses here (with a link to your blog, if you have one) and I will include them in a post on 18 November.

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