When you read the headline of this post, you will naturally presume that I have a dog.  But, I must correct you, we have a Boxer! 😉 Let me explain before you think I’ve completely lost it.

I’ve had a dog almost my entire life or at least since the time I was 5, when my parents got fed up of me begging them to get one. They got us a lovely black Labrador, courtesy a family friend. Since then, we had several dogs of various breeds too. When I got married, I didn’t think we’d have a dog, because Jose had never had one before. Moreover, I wasn’t sure how it would work out having a dog in an apartment in Mumbai.

Thankfully, Jose was eager to have a dog too and after much research we decided to get a boxer. That’s when I realized that boxers are not really dogs! 😉 No, they’re half-human, I’m certain. Just look at that expression! (Pablo shares a blog with Jose and me. He also has his own Facebook Page.).


 But I’ve digressed before I’ve started, haven’t I?

There are plenty of reasons why I love my dog ( what’s not to love? 😉 ). Let me share 7 of them with you.

He’s  a bundle of love –  Dog lovers all the world will tell you that there’s nothing to compare to doggy-love. It’s unconditional.

He’s quiet – Pablo hardly ever barks. At first,  we were worried and then we read that most often dogs bark when they feel threatened or deprived. The vet assured us that it was perfectly normal too. On the rare occasions he does bark, I’m sure the neighbours go down on their knees and thank God for the fact that he’s quiet! 😉

He’s super-friendly – He’s an absolute extrovert – loves people – especially children. This sometimes can work against him because he feels that he has to have a face to face chat with every one! He’s very friendly with other dogs too and is always eager to make a new friend.

He’s our alarm clock – Okay, so there are days we grumble, but on most days we appreciate that Pablo gets us up early – so that he can be taken for a walk. But Pablo also ensures that we go to bed sooner than we might by giving us this look! 😉



He is the best stress-buster ever – It’s hard to stay upset or stressed when you have big, crazy dog around. His expressions and antics always succeed in bringing a smile to our face. He’s seen us through some really stressful times of illness.

He acts as a great reminder that every day is a new one – Pablo’s level of excitement and sense of anticipation for every walk and every car drive is a huge lesson to me. He’s a constant reminder that there’s always good things ahead and we must look forward to every new day with excitement and anticipation.

Do you have a pet? And what difference does s/he make to your life? Do share.


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