I first heard of the Already Principle when I read the write up for Louise Hay’s, Life Loves You: 7 Spiritual Practices to Heal Your Life. As I read more, I realized that I had signed up for The Already Principle a few years ago.

What does The Already Principle Mean?

As I understand it, we have within us all the wisdom we need to make our way through life. A spiritual DNA, perhaps? If we dare to look deep within ourselves, we will find that we are already the person we want to be. Our journey through life is to allow that person to shine forth.

Everything has already been made available for us to reach our spiritual goals. We already are provided with all we need to journey through life. And we have the Divine Guidance that will take us there. If only we allow ourselves to be led. 

How does this translate into my life?

I’ve seen the evidence of The Already Principle at work when I diligently write my Morning Pages. Three pages of free flow, unedited writing. Through it flows wisdom and healing from deep within. Often, past hurtful experiences will come to the fore and as I keep writing, I see how they all fit into my life. Life lessons, if you will.

I find answers to problem situations. I find more things to be grateful for. I become aware of areas I need to focus on.

By doing the Morning Pages I feel more in touch with myself and assured of the Divine Presence guiding me through the day and through my life. I become more mindful of my intentions and thoughts through the day.

The Morning Pages help me see The Already Principle at work in my life. Truly I have ENOUGH.

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What you can do

Life Loves You: 7 Spiritual Practices to Heal Your Life has a great suggested exercise:
Spend 15 minutes a day, for the next seven days, cultivating an even greater willingness to receive. One way life is loving me right now is…Don’t edit your responses. Just let them flow. Once you have written down at least ten responses, review your list and let it sink in how life is loving you right now.

If you try it, let me know what comes up for you and how it helps you.

You have already been given everything you need for your journey in this life. No matter which road you take, divine guidance will meet you there. ~ Louise Hay

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