I know I’m going to sound like a broken record. There are two things I want to do every single day – walk and write. I’ve tried again and again to do this.  I confess that I lack the discipline to stick to my plans. Is there something in my mental makeup that keeps me from being commited to this, I wonder? Not motivated enough? Wrong strategy?

I really have no clue. I’ve promised to dare greatly in 2015 – a promise to myself in my 50th year. It sounds wonderful to say, but it’s got to translate into actions.

I need to think about daring daily.

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As I thought about this today, the Universe sent me a loud message from a very wise man.

There’s a fundamental difference between the things you do every day, every single day, and the things you do only when the spirit moves you.
One difference is that once you’ve committed to doing something daily, you find that the spirit moves you, daily.
Rather than having a daily debate about today’s agenda, you can decide once that you will do something, and then decide every single day how to do it. ~ Seth Godin

Doesn’t he make everything sound so much simpler and achievable? Now to put this into action and allow the spirit to move me daily!

Do you have similar struggles? What do you think of Seth Godin’s advice?

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