Somehow, the holidays often make single folk long a special relationship. Various circumstances make us alone. But sometimes it’s our attitude that keeps away true love. In this guest post, Sarah Fanning shares some ideas on having the right attitude for love.

Life has taught us that love does not consist in gazing at each other but in looking outward together in the same direction.

Finding someone new for dating and relationships can be a daunting task for many people. Past breakups, rejections and other painful events can make it hard for a person to move past the negativity and focus on a brighter future. However, having a positive attitude is essential for finding the perfect mate to go out with because everyone can pick up on the baggage that a person brings with them on a date. Therefore, anyone who is looking for love will want to take advantage of the following tips to have the right attitude about dating.

Create a Vision
Before beginning to meet new people; you should first decide upon what you truly want for your future. For example, a person who has always been a bit shy may decide that they would like to step out and try to find some adventure. It can also help for you to envision yourself as outgoing and loveable. Then, when you are out on a date, you will have a positive vision of yourself and your future. When potential partners pick up on this new self-view, they will be more likely to view you with a positive perspective. Think about what you would want from a partner and use this information to change how you behave and act to attract that special someone.

Focus on the Positive
Many people can talk themselves out of a date before ever walking out their front door. Negative thoughts often begin when a person is getting ready as you can constantly criticise your own appearance. Feelings of insecurity can bubble up and you may start thinking that your date may not like this or may not like that. These negative thoughts must be ignored entirely. Instead, you should focus on your positive attributes when getting ready. When a negative thought appears, it should immediately be turned into a positive. For example, a person who thinks they are too quiet should focus on their ability to think deeply about a subject.

We all have positive attributes to be proud of so don’t dwell on what you don’t like about yourself and think more about what you do like. It is also important to remember to keep things positive while out on a date. Positivity is a very attractive attribute in anyone, whether this is a friend or a partner.

Keep an Open Mind
Meeting new people and dating should always be viewed as an adventure. By keeping an open mind, you can be sure that whatever happens, it will be interesting and lead to an exciting story. With this thought in mind, you may want to try dating a different type of person, joining various clubs or going to different events. By increasing the opportunities to meet new people, you are instantly opening up yourself to the possibility of meeting someone you really click with.

We all worry about the unknown and there are always nerves involved in trying something new but there is also the excitement. Try to focus less on how nervous you might be and embrace a new adventure with a positive outlook. This is the risk that must be taken when looking for love, there is always the chance that you may be hurt but the possibility of finding what you’ve always wanted from life is reason enough for you to go for it.

Sarah Fanning currently works for Lovestruck and firmly believes that everyone deserves to share their life with someone special. Having the right attitude is an important aspect in helping you on this adventure.
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