Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant. – Robert Louis Stevenson

Just yesterday, José observed that despite all the progress we’ve made in India, the poor farmer is still over-dependent on rain. Not enough quality water harvesting and poor irrigation.


The farmer may clear the remnants of the past crop, till the soil, plant the seeds, irrigate the field and guard the crop from pests. But finally, the whole crop depends on the rain.

The rain is the challenge.

I started to think about how this can apply in my life.

Take my blog, for example. I don’t mind doing the work of ‘preparing’, ‘planting’, ‘guarding’ and ‘irrigating’. Its success is something I can’t control.

Just as the farmer complains about the rain, I too sometimes give into complaining and comparing.

That serves no purpose.

I must focus my mind on my goals.

I must rid myself of negative emotions.

I must keep faith in my own ability to succeed.

The harvest I reap is measured by the attitudes I cultivate.

Does this apply to you too?

the seeds you plant

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