Do watch this viral video of Coke’s Happiness Machine – it’s a lot of fun.

Coke’s message is: ‘Happiness is Contagious.’ Instead of the video being viral, I wish happiness was. Then if all went according to plan, we’d catch the happiness bug and wouldn’t the world be a lot different if we did!! Unfortunately, this is all wishful thinking (mine and Coke’s!). What the advert seems to subtly convey,  is that happiness is something that comes to us – in a bottle – wonder what happens when that gets empty?

As I was thinking about happiness – as I’m wont to do – one of my pet topics, in fact – I began to think of  the fact that while happiness doesn’t in fact come in a bottle – it comes in the little day to day things that we sometimes take for granted. So I made up a list of things that make me happy on  a day to day basis.

My ‘This too is happiness’ list (not in order of priority!)

  1. Hearing the birds in the morning.
  2. Reading a book that makes me laugh or cry (or both).
  3. Sleeping in the crook of Jose’s arm
  4. Listening to music while I ‘work’
  5. Having a crazy chat with a crazy friend.
  6. Watching the myriad expressions on Pablo’s face.
  7. Having a chat with my parents.
  8. Getting an email from my niece/ nephew.
  9. Reconnecting with an old friend.
  10. Knowing that something I created – wrote or cooked – is appreciated.
I could go on…..So why hope to be bitten by the happiness bug – happiness is all around you.
The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance. The wise grows it under his feet.  ~James Oppenheim

So why don’t you share your ‘This Too Is Happiness’ List and I’ll publish it here.

Do please, because as some unknown soul said : Happiness held is the seed; happiness shared is the flower.

May you be inspired – everyday!

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