Mums the word today, isn’t it? πŸ™‚

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mums reading this and to my own Mum!

When I saw this slideshow on Danny Brown’s blog today, I knew I just had to share it with you. Β Thank you, Danny and Quotery.

Here’s my attempt at 100 Words on Saturday – thanks for the prompt, Vidya

She hid it under her coat and quietly went into her room.
“Dinner’s ready, Sneha” yelled Mom.
She yelled back “Coming, Mom.”
“So why are you late, young lady? her Mom asked as she served her.
“Oh I had an extra class, remember?”
“No I don’t! But are you sure you didn’t go to your usual hangout?”
“Err…the pet shop? No!”
Then they both heard it – the yelping from her room.
“Have you brought a puppy home?”
She realized that she could no longer hide the truth.
“Happy Mother’s Day for tomorrow. I got you a present, Mom.”



As I alluded to inΒ my post yesterday, we have plans that will mean a lot of changes in our lives in the months ahead.Β JosΓ© and I are quite caught up with planning and if we’re honest, there’s a bit of apprehension about how things will work out. But as I’ve learned to in recent years, I am looking forward with gratitude and happiness to an unknown future. We can’t always have things going our way, but we can learn to be happy with whatever we have. Β No one says it better than Anthony D’Mello in this little story:

The Way We Meet Events

“Traveler: ‘What kind of weather are we going to have today?’

“Shepherd: ‘The kind of weather I like.’

“Traveler: ‘How do you know it will be the kind of weather you like?’

“Shepherd: ‘Having found out, sir, I cannot always get what I like, I have learned always to like what I get. So I am quite sure we will have the kind of weather I like.’

“Happiness and unhappiness are in the way we meet events, not in the nature of those events themselves.”
β€” Anthony D’Mello in The Heart of the Enlightened

Yes, the way we meet events, is what matters more than the events themselves!

A reminder about Laurel Regan’s Gratitude Linkup and Ten Things of Thankful, introduced to me by Michelle Liew.

That’s it for Anything Goes On Sunday, this week! Have a good week ahead.

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