Today, I’m asking some uncomfortable questions. They’re are a reflection of things that have been churning in my head, so bear with me if this post doesn’t seem to come together.

What makes me uncomfortable to pose these questions is the fact that I’m not a parent (by circumstance, not choice) and most of these relate to childbearing and parenting. I’ll take the flak on the chin in the interest of authenticity.

Question No.1 –  Why is so important to be a parent and how far are you willing to go to be one?  

Yes, there’s all manner of scientific procedures available and I’m all for people going in for them, although I wouldn’t make that choice for myself. But what about the poor woman in some parts of the world whose existence literally depends on her producing a child. How can she afford it?

Surrogacy is an option too – but what happens if the child is born with a birth ‘defect’. We know what happened in the recent case where an Australian couple abandoned one of their twins born via surrogacy with Down’s Syndrome! 

Question No. 2 – What would you do if you saw a child in a store ripping things and throwing down stuff while his/her parent looked on passively?

I confess that I’ve stepped in, picked up the stuff and sternly told the child not to do it. Was I wrong? Should I have complained to the store manager instead? Or pretended I was as blind and deaf as the parents?


Question No.3 – What would do in this situation? You have visitors – a couple and their child. The child refuses to acknowledge you or engage with you even when you ask her a question directly. When you attempt to talk to the parents, she keeps interrupting the conversation?  Finally, when the parent ignores the child, the child slaps you!

Okay, it happened to me. And I was dumbstruck. I pasted an idiotic grin on my face while the mother attempted to convince the child to apologize.

So yes, I’d love to have your answers and your criticism of my behaviour or thoughts! Please feel free to say what’s on your mind. I won’t be offended – I promise! 🙂