Today I welcome Pablo to be a guest and discuss his views on people. Pablo, a soon-to-be 5 year old boxer is a seasoned blogger – having initially had his own blog and then condescending to share one with Jose and me.


When Corinne mentioned all the reasons she loves me, she forgot to tell you just how clever I was! Today while she frantically wondered what to write about the prompt ‘people’ on the Write Tribe Festival of Words -2, I decided to offer my services and blog on my favourite subject – people.

Understanding people? Let me start by saying that it is certainly no piece of meat…errr…cake.  However, I have thought and worked on this for a while now. It’s vital to my survival that I understand people – especially the two specimens I live with!

So here are the key problems points that I understand about people that will be especially useful to unsuspecting dogs who think that people are just like other animals! I thought so too when I was younger, and oh boy, was I ever wrong!

They spend too much time thinking – Oh Lord, yes! These people think that they’ve been given the largest brains on earth only so that they can think! They spend way too much time thinking, talking, exchanging ideas and generally acting as if the world would stop turning if they took a break.  Also, they often seem to be thinking (and worrying) about something they call the ‘past’ and something else they refer to as the ‘future’.  I have no idea what they’re talking about, but if something makes you unhappy why waste time thinking about it, right?  Me? I’d rather go for a walk or take a nap!
They don’t take proper care of themselves – That’s something that truly puzzles me about people. They always seem to be working and the only time they take naps during the day is when they’re unwell!  As for me, when I’m tired, I sit down or better still snooze in a corner. When my stomach is upset, I avoid food for the day and I’m okay. When I hurt myself, I lick my wounds. I know Nature heals a lot of things – and so I’m patient about it.  Of course to be fair to Jose and Corinne they do take good care of me, but I do wish they’d take better care of themselves. They are learning – better late than never! 

They often put up with people who don’t like them – Unlike us dogs, people have a hard time figuring out other people. They sometimes get fooled into thinking that someone loves them. Sometimes, it takes them years – and they’ll put up with all sorts of insults and slights from other people. I can sniff out the people who don’t like me pretty quick! And you want to know what I do? Ignore them!

They don’t realize their own worth – I often wonder why people don’t realize how wonderful they really are. They spend so much time on unimportant stuff – like thinking they have to work so hard, or trying to become famous, or trying hard to earn the respect of others. Don’t they realize that they are beautiful just the way they were created?

God is as excited to see you when you wake up as your dog is excited to see you when you come home. ~ Alan Cohen

They don’t ask for what they want or need – When I want a walk, food or a bone, I have no problem asking for it. But people don’t seem to find it so easy to ask other people for what they need. Apparently, they suffer from some sort of illness called ‘guilt’ – I have no clue what it is exactly, but it does sound life threatening to me.

 They’re always trying to be someone else – Unlike us dogs, humans don’t seem to be content with who they are. I think deep within these humans are always trying to live up to other people’s ideas of themselves. My point is, be who you are – anything else would be fake.  I’m a Boxer and there’s no way in hell I want to be a Great Dane (and be mistaken for a horse!). I think that comparison is the thief of joy and there ain’t anyone who’s going to take my joy away!

They seem to be always acquiring things or wanting to buy stuff – I like acquiring things too – like a few balls that are lying by the wayside – but seriously, these people seem to be obsessed with buying stuff. They’re always either out shopping, or writing out shopping lists and sometimes even buying while they’re sitting at home! Then they run out of place to store the stuff or wonder what to do with it and need either to give it away or buy larger cupboards (or houses!) to store it in. Crazy, is what I think of this behavior. I’m pretty clear that I have all I need as long as I have people who love me.

They have a tough time expressing happiness, gratitude and love easily – I don’t know what’s so hard about saying thank you or acknowledging when someone has been good to you, but people seem to struggle with that. You talk nice to me and I wag my tail. You give me a treat, I’ll lick your fingers. If I really love you, I’ll jump all over you. When I’m happy, you’ll know it. I wish people were as open as I am about my feelings. It sometimes gets complicated for us dogs (and other people) to figure out what they are feeling.



People – it’s time you learned from us dogs! But you know what? Despite the fact that you sometimes seem so messed up, I still love you. ♥