We make value decisions every day.

What is a value decision? It is making a choice based on what is important to us.

Watch this video on making a Value Decision below or here.

How do you make value decisions?

Sometimes, like in the story, below the consequences of our choices are all too obvious. Sometimes they are not.

Glenn Adsit and his family spent years as missionaries in China. During the Communist regime change, they were under house arrest. One day a few Chinese soldiers came to their house, and said, “You can return to America.”

The Adsit’s were celebrating, when the soldiers told them, “You can take only two hundred pounds with you.”

Well, they had been in China for years. Two hundred pounds? They found the scales and started the family arguments. Each–wife, husband and the two children–had an opinion. Must have this vase. Well, this is my new typewriter. What about my books? What about my collection? And they weighed everything, took each item off the scales, weighed and re-weighed until finally, right on the dot, they had two hundred pounds.

The soldier asked, “Ready to go?”
“Did you weigh everything?”
“You weighed the kids?”
“No, we didn’t.”
“Weigh the kids.”

And in a moment, the special vase, the new typewriter, the collections, all of it, became “trash.” Just things.

Taken from Craddock Stories


Sadly, I see that these days what we seem to value is based more on the outward or personality ethic as Stephen Covey called it rather than on character. So we sometimes see parents pushing their children to win at all costs….. We give people importance based on their celebrity status and value to us.

Have we forgotten the value of values? Do read this post from Vidya Sury.

Each of us has to answer this question each time we make a choice? What do I value?

This post is written for the letter ‘V’ for the Blogging From A to Z April Challenge 2014.