A couple of months ago, Jane, a fellow blogger contacted me on Facebook telling me that she had seen an update on Twitter from Louisa, another blogger we both were connected to. The update seemed to suggest that Louisa was very upset with a situation at home and wondered if life was worth living.  Jane kept Louisa occupied with responses via Twitter, until Louisa stopped connecting abruptly.

Jane then contacted me and told me about this and asked if I could contact Louisa via Facebook.  Another friend, Ann who had also seen Louisa’s Twitter updates expressed her concern too. I tried but didn’t get a response.

I contacted another blogging friend, Mindy, who lived in the same country as Louisa and asked if she could connect. When she didn’t get a response either – we began to connect with Louisa’s sister and friend via Facebook and make inquiries. It wasn’t until the next afternoon, and many worried inquires and prayers from a lot of other bloggers that we got news that Louisa was okay – a little down but had not harmed herself in any way. We heaved a collective sigh of relief.

Why am I telling you this? Because it involved so many bloggers responding out of concern towards someone we had never met. We were in three different countries – in different time zones too – attempting to reach out to another blogger.

I thought it was amazing how virtual strangers were now real friends.

Virtual Strangers or Real Friends?

I also thought that the next time I hear someone tell me that my online friends are not ‘real’ because I’ve never met them, I’ll have some directions to the closest lake ready for them to go take a leap into!


Online Friends 😉


I’m also telling you this, because all of the people I mentioned in my story (names have been changed to protect their privacy) are part of a fantastic Facebook Blogging Group: Blogplicity. It’s a wonderful online community where we share a lot more than links to our posts. I am grateful to Savira Gupta for inviting me to this group. 

I find Blogplicity to be a microcosm of life – a variety of characters who manage to ‘live’ together.You will find support, laughter, sharing of views, and sheer madness. There’s a lot of give and take there. At times, there are disagreements and some people up and leave, but then that’s what happens in ‘real’ communities too.

If you are a blogger who is on Facebook (if you’re not, why aren’t you?) and wish to join Blogplicity please contact me with details of your blog and Facebook profile and I will pass on your request to the admins who will make a decision about allowing you in.

Updated on July 23 2015 – Sadly Blogplicity fell apart because most of the key people got busy with their offline lives. 🙁