I believe it’s important to start your day right. To think positive thoughts. To spend a few minutes in reflection. One of the questions we can ask our inner selves is:  ‘Where do you feel like going ?’

The answer will give you an insight into your feelings. While you won’t automatically be transported to this place, you can guide your mind to the feelings and sensations with that place and allow you to gather yourself to face the day.

I’m sharing my answer to this question today.

Where Do You Feel Like Going?

Today I felt like going to a beach. I know it sounds rather trite. After all, there are very few people I know who wouldn’t like to go to a beach!

So what makes a beach special for me? No, it’s not the ‘sun and sand’ and the sights (most interesting at times, I confess).

I love the beach because it is a feast for the senses – sight, sound, touch, taste,and  smell
– looking out at the great expanse of of the sea, so vast that you cannot see where it ends
– the sound of the waves – gentle sometimes and loud, crashing at other times
– the endless stretch of wet sand that feels so good to touch
– the feel of the breeze that seems to envelop me
– the smell of the sea – a mixture of fish and salt
– the taste of salt in the water

……I could go on.

To me, time spent on the beach is time spent with God. It’s a place I feel closest to Him. All my senses are awakened to an awareness of His nearness. In the vastness of the ocean and seemingly never-ending horizon I experience His great. unending love.

Today, I recall those feelings and the vastness of God’s love and protection and I know I can face the day with a smile.

Where do you feel like going today?

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Image of beautiful sunset and sea via Shutterstock