Where do you feel like going?

Today I felt like going to a beach. I know it sounds rather trite. After all, there are very few people I know who wouldn’t like to go to a beach!
So what makes a beach special for me? No, it’s not the ‘sun and sand’ and the sights (most interesting at times, I confess). What I love about the beach is :
– looking out at the great expanse of of the sea, so vast that you cannot see where it ends….
– the sound of the waves – gentle sometimes and loud, crashing at other times….
– the endless stretch of wet sand that feels so good to touch…
– the feel of the breeze that seems to envelop me…
– the smell of the sea – a mixture of fish and salt…..
– the taste of salt in the water……
……I could go on.
I love the beach because it is a feast for the senses – sight, sound, touch, taste,and  smell.   To me, time spent on the beach is time spent with God. It’s a place I feel closest to Him. All my senses are awakened to an awareness of His nearness. In the vastness of the ocean and seemingly never-ending horizon I experience His great. unending love.
Where did you feel like going today? And why? I would love to hear from you. Write to me at: everydaygyaan@gmail.com