You only live once – at least in this lifetime, you do. There are many questions that I ask myself about my life.  Have I made a difference to other lives? What is the meaning of my life, I question.

Staring me in the face as I type this are these words that I’ve printed out to challenge myself :

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?  ~ from the poem The Summer Day by Mary Oliver

I know the best way to answer that powerful question is not with a list of things I’ve accomplished but with the quality of my life. But that is such a difficult thing to do.  After all, how does one really determine whether you have lived a life of quality or not.

The more I question, the more confused I get at times.

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I recall a story I read a long while back about a sage named Rabbi Zusya who astonished his students by weeping as he lay on his deathbed.  “Why do you weep, Rabbi?” they asked. “You, of all people, are assured of a place in heaven.”

“I weep,” answered the sage softly, “because when I reach heaven, I can safely answer all the questions I am asked, except  one. If I am asked, ‘Why were you not a Moses?’ I will answer, ‘Because I was not meant to do what Moses did.’ And if I am asked, ‘Why didn’t you perform miracles like Elijah did?,’ I will answer, “Because I was not born to be Elijah.” The only question I am afraid to answer is this, ‘Why were you not Rabbi Zusya?’ “

 I realize that the highest purpose in my life is to be true to myself – to honour my personal gifts, strengths and intentions – to be the best Me I can be.

 Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? 

This is in response to Write Tribe Prompt #4 – You Only Live Once.

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