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Are You A Gnat?

Sometimes when I wonder what people will think –

  • when I’m wondering what people might think about the pimple on my face
  • when I repeat an outfit for more than one wedding within the family
  • when I publish here and I think about what a particular reader might say
  • when am overly apologetic about what I think might offend someone………….

Then I think of this story and ask myself : Are You A Gnat? 

A huge bull stood grazing in the field. A tiny gnat buzzed about its ear and finally landed on one of his huge horns. After a while, the little gnat said loudly, “Dear bull, pardon me if I have disturbed your peaceful afternoon with the weight of my body on your horns. I offer you one thousand apologies for I never meant to inconvenience you with my presence at all . . . I wouldn’t want you to think I didn’t care about your solitude and comfort.”
The bull replied, “Little gnat, thank you for the grandiose apology you felt such great need to share. But you think too highly of yourself. I didn’t even notice you were there!”

The world won’t come to a grinding halt if I make a faux pas….Or don’t live up to what I think are other people’s expectations of me…..How freeing that is!!

If you never assume importance, you never lose it. ~ Tao Te Ching


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