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Cornerstones #MondayMusings

Today I’m only sharing with you a poem that spoke very strongly to me. May it speak to you as it did me.


If I am to dream, let me dream magnificently.
Let me dream grand and lofty thoughts and ideals
That are worthy of me and my best efforts.

If I am to strive, let me strive mightily.
Let me spend myself and my very being
In a quest for that magnificent dream.

And, if I am to stumble, let me stumble but persevere.
Let me learn, grow, and expand myself to join the battle renewed –
Another day and another day and another day.

If I am to win, as I must, let me do so with honor, humility, and gratitude
For those people and things that have made winning possible
And so very sweet.

For each of us has been given life as an empty plot of ground
With four cornerstones.
These four cornerstones are the ability to dream,
The ability to strive,
The ability to stumble but persevere,
And the ability to win.

The common man sees his plot of ground as little more
Than a place to sit and ponder the things that will never be.
But the uncommon man sees his plot of ground as a castle,
A cathedral,
A place of learning and healing.
For the uncommon man understands that in these four cornerstones.

– Jim Stovall

Does the poem speak to you too?



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    1. Frances Frances May 13, 2016

      Thanks for sharing! So perfect for this perfect day in living to see another birthday. I’ll never get too old to dream!!

    2. Vinitha Vinitha May 10, 2016

      Beautiful and inspiring poem, Corinne! It takes an uncommon man to sense the four cornerstones. But I find it strange that one of my recent experiences tagged me as uncommon and I had to go great lengths to prove the essence behind my rationality. It is hard at times to continue this battle, isn’t it?

    3. Linda Linda May 10, 2016

      That is a beautiful poem Corinne. I love that it promotes dreams and striving for them…. rather than just ‘manifesting’ them by thinking about them. Those who ‘dream and do’ end up a lot more content I think. If I took this poem, and linked it with the Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, I think I’d have the perfect roadmap for a life!! (I’d probably throw in the Desiderata as well). Linda. xx

    4. Ankita Ankita May 10, 2016

      This is a positivity packed poem. Thanks a lot, Corinne! It would keep me going, today.
      Ankita recently posted..Chaos on the RoadMy Profile

    5. Nabanita Dhar Nabanita Dhar May 10, 2016

      beautiful poem this, Corinne.. It tells me to do whatever I wish to do to the best of my ability, honestly and with humility..

    6. Kelly L McKenzie Kelly L McKenzie May 10, 2016

      Oh I do thank you for sharing this beyond positive poem. What a delight. The perfect thing to read on a Monday and on the day that I had major dental work!

    7. Damien Riley Damien Riley May 9, 2016

      Amazing post, thanks for writing it. I find it so helpful to think about cornerstones. A building will collapse or stand strong depending on them and so will a life, a dream, a career, a relationship. Here’s my posts that includes one solid cornerstone of my life:
      Damien Riley recently posted..Luau at the Riley HouseMy Profile

    8. Bellybyted Bellybyted May 9, 2016

      This was just what I needed to remind me that despite all our challenges and struggles one must carry on regardless , confident of knowing that our dreams are reachable. Loved the poem .

    9. Shalini Shalini May 9, 2016

      Thanks for sharing this inspiring poem, Corinne- especially on a Monday! 🙂
      Loved the idea of the four cornerstones. Guess we all should learn the art of perseverance. The sooner, the better.
      Shalini recently posted..Schezwan Baby PotatoesMy Profile

    10. Alok Singhal Alok Singhal May 9, 2016

      Such a motivating and inspiring one. Glad to read this on a Monday morning 🙂

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