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Do You Want To Bring Your Family Closer To God?

Are you concerned that your family has drifted too far away from God during the last couple of years? Are your busy lives and jobs getting in the way of your calling? Then take a moment to consider some of the suggestions below. It’s essential that all parents work hard to make sure their kids understand that position in the world and love the Holy Spirit. While you don’t have to choose any of the ideas from this post, they should help to inspire you and highlight some of the options on your table. With a bit of luck, you will all feel close to God and Jesus again if you make an effort to try some of these things. So, let’s get down to business!

Do You Want To Bring Your Family Closer To God

Do You Want To Bring Your Family Closer To God

Don’t just go to church on Sunday

Far too many Christians only visit their local church for a few hours each Sunday. While that is excellent; you can always do more. Most churches run social groups these days that go on visits and travel together. There are also going to be some charitable activities you could join if your family can find the time. Involving yourselves in the church community rather than just listening to a sermon once each week is going to help you get closer to God. You can discuss your concerns with other people in the same situation, and your family will get as much support as it requires. If you don’t have a local church like that at the moment; you can always search online for the nearest one.

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Volunteer for local charities

Working with people less fortunate than yourselves is a cornerstone of Christianity, and so you might like to think about helping out with some local charities. There are going to be lots of organizations that work with homeless people, and so you should consider getting in touch and asking how your family could help. Maybe you could spend your Saturdays serving meals at a local shelter or something similar? The possibilities are endless. Of course, you could even launch a new charity if you notice a problem in your local community that your family and others could help to solve. Spending time with people less fortunate will assist you in appreciating what you have.

Enroll your kids in a Church-run school

There are still lots of church-run schools out there these days. While those establishments teach the same curriculum as everywhere else, they tend to place more emphasis on religion. So, your kids will get to learn more about the Bible than they would in a mainstream school, and they’ll also make lots of friends who also believe in the Holy Spirit. Hopefully, your kids will become interested in religion and want to learn more about it with their friends. At the very least; you won’t have to worry about them being led astray by atheists or anyone who doesn’t believe that God loves them. For listings, check online.

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Book your place on a religious retreat

Maybe you like the idea of arranging a week or weekend away at a specialist religious retreat. That could help you to reconnect with God in the shortest time possible, and you will spend your adventure with lots of other people who want to achieve the same thing. Search online or try visiting to learn more about the types of retreat and activities available. As religious groups organize those camps; they don’t tend to cost as much as you might expect. You can also help out with things like cooking and cleaning if you feel like you would like to contribute a little more. Religious retreats happen all the time, and so you will have no trouble finding something for the next dates you can book some holiday at work.

Visit important religious sites

Perhaps you will gain the travel bug from your retreat and gain a new enthusiasm for visiting new places? If that’s the case; you should think about planning your trips around the world’s most impressive and famous religious sites and monuments. Lots of families choose to travel to Israel and Palestine these days because those places feature in the Bible. Maybe you could check out all the archeological sites in Jerusalem or somewhere similar? You could also visit old churches, mosques, or anything else that sparks your interest. You will find websites online that provide you with inspiration, and there are plenty of books out there that list religious monuments you could visit. You might even decide to ask your kids for some ideas.

Do You Want To Bring Your Family Closer To God

Read the Bible as a family

Nothing brings people closer to God like reading the Bible according to writers from If your kids are above school age, they should have the skills required to read from the good book. So, maybe you could arrange to sit down as a family for a couple of nights each week and read it together. The issue with the Bible is that you need to understand the historical context to grasp the text. As adults, you should have that knowledge, and so you can pass it on to your children. They will gain a much better understanding of the Bible if you go through it as a family and stop whenever there is a misunderstanding. You can make sure your kids interpret everything correctly and understand the message of the Holy Spirit.

All of the ideas and suggestions in this post will help to bring your family closer to God. So, now all you have to do is work out which of the activities is most suitable and set the wheels in motion. With a bit of luck, you will feel like you’ve reconnected with the one who loves you within only a few months. Those who choose to attend a retreat might reach that stage in only a couple of days. So, don’t make the mistake of letting your kids drift away from Christianity as they mature. There is always room for God in their lives, and you should encourage them to learn as much as possible.

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  1. Danny Simon Danny Simon August 23, 2018

    Awesome post Corinne!
    Reading the bible and praying together is another way to get closer to God as a family. But getting into a strong Bible foundation based church is probably the best thing that can happen to anyone!

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