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Find Someone Note Worthy

Sometime last year, I received a very generous gift and a note from someone. It read:

‘I may not say it always, but I mean it whenever I say it : Thank you for all the things you’ve done for me.’

As much as I liked the present, the note is what really touched me. No, I hadn’t realized or remembered exactly what I had done for this person, but apparently she did.

Watch this video to see what a difference a note can make to someone’s life.

Find Someone Note Worthy Today

As we approach World Kindness Day, I’d urge you to take the time today to write a note (or several) to someone (or many) who has touched your life in some way. While a handwritten note is the best, don’t wait to buy stationery – send an email, a Facebook message or even a text message.

Appreciate someone. I plan to write a few notes to people I tend to take for granted, appreciating them for all they do.

Encourage someone. You never know when your words might help someone who is feeling down to pull themselves out of depression.

Send someone a ‘remember when we….’ note, talking about a shared memory.  I’ve been thinking about some great laughs a colleague and I used to have and I plan to reconnect with her with a ‘remember when…..’ message on Facebook since I don’t have her email.

Surprise a vendor or a supplier with a note of appreciation. Even a fantastic online review would be a great act of kindness. A restaurant owner called me recently to thank me for a mention and pictures I shared in a blog post. He was most grateful.

Write a note of forgiveness. Write a note asking for forgiveness. A few months ago I wrote an email asking someone to forgive me and although I didn’t deserve a response from that person, she was gracious enough to accept my apology and reconnect with me.

Find note worthy people today!



November 13th is World Kindness Day! A global 24-hour celebration dedicated to paying-it-forward and focusing on the good.


  1. Julie Julie November 13, 2015

    This is an important post! We don’t share these things often enough with our loved ones.

    I had written a list of personal things I wanted to do this year, and didn’t keep the list close enough to remind myself. Last week, I found the list. One of the items was to mail a note to someone once a month. So I wrote a note to a friend I see only every few years. She lives far away. I told her of a card she sent me for Thanksgiving at least 20 years ago. I put it in my Inspiration scrapbook, it was so special to me. I mailed the note to my friend three days ago, so she is probably opening it right about now.

    It is so important that we connect our hearts with others, and this is a great way to do it. Thanks for this post.

  2. Alana Alana November 13, 2015

    I should have used my blog for this purpose today (I thought about it when I read this post yesterday) – something I will think about for the future. Ah, for the days when we wrote thank you notes in pen on paper. A shame that I don’t even think about doing that, in these times, because not everyone I need to thank is online.

  3. Liv Liv November 13, 2015

    I’m lucky to have a number of note worthy friends. Thanks for reminding me. Will send one right now!

  4. Dorothy Johnson Dorothy Johnson November 13, 2015

    This is such a worthy project. I believe God gives us nudges to send encouragement to people just when they need it. I’ve received several letters or notes that helped me during hard times and others that just added to the joy I was already feeling. It really doesn’t take long to jot down our thoughts of love and appreciation, and they can have a greater impact than we ever expected. Thanks for the reminder.

  5. Laurel Regan Laurel Regan November 13, 2015

    Love this idea! There really is nothing like receiving a personal note, and even better if it’s handwritten. I’ve often thought of challenging myself to write and send something every month for a year – maybe in 2016?

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