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Finding The Blue In The Greens

I love how my walk down the road with our dog brings me all sorts of surprises. I told you already about the snail I met. Today it was a kingfisher – the only dash of blue, high up on the tree. Yes, I found a spot of blue in the greens…. I had to snap a picture – slightly distorted because I had to make sure that Lucky didn’t get away while I took it.

Finding The Blue In The Greens

 I love  how we can find the extraordinary in the every day ordinary events of our lives. There’s always something special to find if we look. If we are mindful.

Even when life is at its hardest, it’s possible to find that little ray of light. That small thread of hope. Grace shining through when we feel we’ve messed up our lives.

A dash of blue in the green. #trees #bird #kingfisher

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What is required to make a place holy?
The ordinary becoming extraordinary,
The common interrupted for a moment
that we wish would last forever,
God coming into our forest, decorating our trees,
Inviting us to remove our shoes.
– Rev. Robin Ringland

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