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Gratitude Links

Today as part of the 7 Days To Rediscovering Your Blogging Groove on Write Tribe, we’re writing link posts.

I’m playing on the word ‘link’ here, so while I share some links to some content on gratitude later in the post, I’m also giving thanks this week for the connections in my life. I’m also going so far as to say that gratitude helps to create better relationships. Perhaps, I’ll write a post about that later.

My gratitude list for this week has me being grateful for all the relationships in my life.  Jose had his birthday on the 8th and birthdays are always a special time to be grateful for the birthday boy/girl and to celebrate their life. I’m grateful for all the sense and balance he brings to my life as well as the love, care and laughter.

I’m also grateful for my friend, Sapna Naidu Franswah, who I admire very much. In this last year, Sapna’s creativity seems to have exploded and she’s doing a lot of creating and painting.  Remember, I told you of my plans to create a sacred space in my home. I think these lovely stones I ordered from Sapna will make a good add to that space.

gratitude links

Always the generous and thoughtful soul, Sapna created a special stone from me with the reference to my favorite Bible verse – Jeremiah 29: 11.


You can find Sapna’s store, Bohemian Soul Art on Facebook.

 Gratitude Links

Today’s Gratitude List
A weekly linkup on Laurel Regan’s, Alphabet Salad. Write a gratitude list on your blog and link your post in.

Six Habits of Highly Grateful People
Are you bad at gratitude, just like Jeremy Adam Smith? He has some lessons for you from people who know how to say “Thanks!”

Explore Faith / A Thankful Life
Offers thoughts, practices and prayers for nurturing a grateful heart which they will serve as a year-round resource to help explore the meaning of gratitude, and unlock the promise of a thankful life.

The Science of Happiness – An Experiment in Gratitude
A video showing an experiment in What makes people happier.

Remember To Say Thank You – A TED talk by Laura Trice
simple 3-minute talk, Dr. Laura Trice muses on the power of the magic words “thank you” — to deepen a friendship, to repair a bond, to make sure another person knows what they mean to you.

Katie Melua sings ‘Thank You Stars.
Some call it faith, some call it love.
Some call it guidance from above.
You are the reason we found ours,
So thank you stars.

Brene Brown on joy and gratitude
Vulnerability expert Brene Brown talks about the relationship between joy and gratitude and offers a few tips on how to cultivate more joy in your own life.

Gratitude Log – The Happiest Place On The Internet
The community for spreading gratitude and appreciation. Open to shiny, happy people, businesses, and organizations the world over.

Do you have any favorite gratitude links? Do share.


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