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Online Presence and Psychology : How To Manage Your Reputation

What does the internet say about you? Does your online presence reflect who you are as a person or business or are there disparities between the internet and real life? If your online presence is not what you want it to be, how can you manage your reputation? Here are some tips on how to protect yourself before mistakes are made and how to limit damage if they are.

Online Presence and Psychology : How To Manage Your Reputation

How To Manage Your Reputation

What if you have a negative online presence?

There may be some information, photographs or other media online that show you or your business in an unflattering light. But how can you deal with this negativity? Try to remove any content that you don’t to be shown, remembering that nothing is completely gone. If you can’t get it under control, there are companies such as Russell’s who can help to manage this for you. If it is really bad you can opt for damage limitation in order to reduce the effects.  

What to do in the future to improve your online image?

There are plenty of things you can focus on to improve your online image and recover from a negative one. Offering genuine opinions, answering questions and actively participating in meaningful conversations will show who you really are. It will also build trust and confidence in you and your brand which is what you will need to recover from a negative image.  

What effects does online presence and psychology have on your reputation?

Even if you haven’t had a blow to your reputation you need to consider what may damage you in the future. There are some things you should do to reduce the chances of this happening.

Think before you post

This might sound obvious; however, many people don’t see the long-term effects of their spontaneous social media share. Think about what you are posting and if you would be comfortable in your close family members seeing it. Especially visualise your elderly relatives’ response. If you think there may be some concern, then consider what you want to share. If the intent is still the same, then no problem. If it is something that makes you cringe, then perhaps think again.

What picture can people build of you?

What information is available about you online? Is there enough to build a solid picture about you as a person or brand? You might want to google yourself and see what comes back, you may already know what the results will be because you have curated it that way. The main point is you need to make sure the person, business or brand you portray online is what you want the world to see.

How does your social media activity reflect your personality?  

Did you know that your social media and internet history can indicate elements of your personality? Some believe that you may even have a different personality characteristic depending on what you are doing and where you are sharing. This will obviously change how people perceive you and what you really want is for your online persona to be as personal as you feel comfortable with. This will encourage confidence in your followers and customers.

Has this made you think about your online personality?

Have you thought about your past and present online presence and what it might say about you? Even employers check online profiles now, so your potential followers and customers may do their research too. Even if you are unable to undo bad press, as long as you have the knowledge of it and an answer you have already started damage limitation.

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