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Isn’t It Wondrous?

If we are aware, we’ll realize that we are constantly being offered a delightful feast by Nature….Sights, sounds, smells…..If only we’d pause and take time to focus on them. Even as I’m typing this, I hear the delightful sounds of the birds in the trees outside my window – in a crowded city like Mumbai, they continue to delight. Isn’t it wondrous?

Autumn forest.

I said to a squirrel, “What is that you are carrying?”

and he said,
“It is my lucky rock; isn’t it pretty?”
I held it and said, “Indeed.”
I said to God,
“What is this earth?”
And He said, “It is my lucky rock;
isn’t it wondrous?”
Yes, indeed.

Tukaram (1608–1649) was a prolific Indian poet, often compared to St. Francis, since birds and animals loved him.

Take a moment today to allow yourself to feast on the wondrous feast that the ‘lucky rock’ offers you…

May you be inspired – everyday!

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