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Something To Hope For

I wanted to share with you  The Undeserving’s song “Something To Hope For” which is currently featured on CNN’s ‘Impact Your World’ campaign for Haitian Relief.

The lyrics raise some questions that each of us can ask ourselves…..

Do you remember when life was an ember, waiting to burst in to flames? Are you so tired, and uninspired, slowly drifting to the end?
Hmmm…good questions if you’ve started to give up on your dreams – DON’T. Recall your youthful dreams, get in touch with those you want to pursue and NEVER GIVE UP.

Life might have dealt you some hard blows, or you’re just jaded but starting to work on making your dreams come true can give you something to hope for.

We fall down.
We get up.
We try to hold our head up when life pulls us apart.
We fight and we bleed but all we ever need is
Something to hope for, something to hope for.
Whatever we can see, whoever we should be is well within our reach.

May you be inspired – everyday!

PS: I ‘borrowed’ this from Tara, the mother of one very special girl – Chloe.



  1. Corinne Rodrigues Corinne Rodrigues May 26, 2010

    @ Gyanban – Agreed. Hope not a strategy..but it is something that makes people want to get a strategy!
    If you have no hope, you have no need to move forward and hence no need of a strategy.

    @ Tavish – Yeah, too many people too worn out, as far as I'm concerned. You keep bumping in to cynical people who are not happy and don't want you to be either. That's life. But we cannot afford to give in to stuff like that.

  2. Tavish Chadha( Tavish Chadha( May 25, 2010

    the video doesnt play in office so would try it out when am home… but lines u quoted there were really nice… i find loads of people who get content with what they have simply because they r tired of chasing thier dreams… it feels sad… the day I begin to ever feel like that, I will go through theselines and I know, ill feel differently 🙂


  3. Gyanban Gyanban May 24, 2010

    hope is not a strategy is what we are told in the corporate world..and no matter how harsh or pessimistic it sounds…somewhere it holds ground dont you think?

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