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Szen Zone

Szen Zone: Reaching a State of Positive Change, by Gary Szenderski, is a compilation of heartwarming and inspirational short stories that celebrate the power in each of us to create positive change in our lives.

The general overarching theme of the book is change and all of the aspects of it – creating, surviving, and managing change with the goal to recognize the power we have to create positive change in our lives and be what we want to be.

Topics covered include productivity, letting go of the past, embracing the potential of the future, and learning to take chances.

szen zone

If you are a fan of short inspirational stories like those in the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, then this is a book you would certainly enjoy. Wherever you may find yourself in life, you will discover an insight or example in this book to help you change course and take charge of your life.

Whereas ZEN is of the moment and what is, SZEN celebrates what could be.

About the Author:

Gary Szenderski

Gary Szenderski is an author, speaker, teacher and branding specialist, internationally acclaimed as an expert on the subject. He specializes in helping people and organizations to navigate change, and frequently speaks and writes on the topic of emerging brands, personal branding and companies in transition. Gary is an award-winning writer, author of the Book of Szen and Szen Zone, often quoted marketing expert, and recipient of the Distinguished Instructor Award from the University of California in Irvine where he teaches branding. He resides in Southern California.

Readers can connect with him on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads.

Extract from Szen Zone

Choose Not Lose

A Sixty-Word SZEN Story:

All of the movies and videos were organized by title and genre and all of the labels were facing out so he could easily search to find the film of the week. His collection was enormous and the Sunday evening film ritual was something that he cherished – movie, popcorn, and delight. He hit play and gasped. The VCR had died.

And more…

Sometimes things that we get pretty used to go away. The VCR, the rotary phone and lunch served in coach class plus friends that move, or relationships that fade are a few examples. And whenever something is taken off of the shelf we choose from, there is a moment of searching and sometimes panic. Replacing what was with something new sounds easy enough, but not always true. Seems that change can be difficult especially when what was working fine, at least in our view, is suddenly not an option.

How we face new choices often determines if the new choice will work at all. Option 1: If we’re reluctant to have something new in our lives because it’s different and we resist, there is a good chance that whatever it is won’t work and thus we prove to ourselves that something new isn’t necessarily better. Option 2: And just as true is that if we embrace what’s new we’ll learn quickly to appreciate the improvement. Both of these options however have nothing to do with the object of change, but rather with our own perspective.

As the keepers of our own disposition and point of view we have the capability to judge, evaluate, endorse, reject or accept whatever we choose. So even if options are removed and things like VCRs, free television, cassette tapes, or even relationships and special people in our lives go away, we still get to choose how we feel about it. That’s where the power of the human spirit lies. Our feelings about anything or anyone start with us. We choose, even if we lose.

Szenippet: If we didn’t choose where we are, who did?

If you’re looking for a few more extracts, go here

My review:

I love inspirational stories, so Szen Zone is just my kind of book – short stories focusing on adapting to change. The books is inspirational without being preachy. It is laid out in such a way that you can select a chapter or section to read and focus on without having to read the whole book over again.


If you are looking to make positive changes in your life (and who isn’t?) then you’ll really appreciate this book.


  1. Rajlakshmi Rajlakshmi August 16, 2017

    The title really got my attention. Very cleverly done. Everything we do is a result of our choice… Be it right or wrong. Loved the views on how it’s our perspective that matters and how it does not depend on the change or object.

  2. Sheethal Susan Jacob Sheethal Susan Jacob August 15, 2017

    I love Chicken Soup Series. Those are my go-to book when I am facing a reading block. Going to keep a look out for this one. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  3. Zainab (@slimexpectation) Zainab (@slimexpectation) August 15, 2017

    Sounds like a good collection of inspirational stories. This might be the book that would, maybe take me back to books;)

  4. Corinne Rodrigues Corinne Rodrigues Post author | August 15, 2017

    Ah it’s a quick read, Gilly. I’m sure you could write a similar one! 🙂

  5. Vinay Leo R. Vinay Leo R. August 15, 2017

    I do like inspirational stories, so would check it out. 🙂 I like the title too.

    • Vinay Leo R. Vinay Leo R. August 15, 2017

      It is part of Kindle Unlimited, so yes, will definitely add to my TBR.

    • Corinne Rodrigues Corinne Rodrigues Post author | August 15, 2017

      I found the title clever. I hope you enjoy it. Isn’t Kindle Unlimited so much fun?

  6. Gilly Gilly August 15, 2017

    Thank you – this sounds like an interesting, inspirational book to keep close by for those moments of panic when uncontrollable change hits us.

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