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The Christmas Spirit: One World

Everyday Gyaan


I couldn’t resist clicking a picture of these lovely children playing around Carter Road, Mumbai, early one morning. Do you see what I see?

Then yesterday, I watched another little girl, hardly five, the daughter of laborers working on the road outside our house. She was in charge of her baby brother/sister who she invented little games to amuse her sibling. No toys, just an old towel!

Later, last evening, I heard loud music, and an even louder Emcee in the skyscraper at the back of our building. It was a Christmas party for the children of the building. The Emcee kept yelling out instructions for the games…Santa visited…the children were constantly entertained.

Well, I’ll tell you what I see:

  • The children of the poor find ways to amuse themselves while the more ‘privileged’ children have to be entertained.
  • What Christmas message are we giving our children? Is Christmas a time only for parties, music, and gifts?
  • Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all these children could celebrate Christmas together?

I was glad that I witnessed one such celebration, earlier in the week. I watched the children of the buildings and the children from orphanages entertain each other and us all. Thanks to the inspiration, hard work and generosity of a lovely couple – Clement and Annabelle De Sylva and and their neighbors and friends of St Anthony’s Road, Bandra.

Isn’t the message of Christmas this that through the birth of God among us, we are one world, all brothers? Isn’t the spirit of Christmas this that we share and reach out?

Lyrics of ‘One World’
I hear a baby crying
A sad sound, a lonely sound
I want to take her in my arms
And then I dry away all her tears

I see a boy, who’s frightened
A young boy, with old eyes
I long to say ‘You’re welcome here,
You can be happy now that you’re warm’

We’re all a part of one world
We all can share the same dream
And if you just reach out to me
Then you will find deep down inside
I’m just like you

Loud voices raised in anger
Speak harsh words, such cruel words
Why do they speak so selfishly
When we have got so much we can share?

So let your hearts be open
And reach out with all your love
There are no strangers now
They are our brothers now
And we are one

We’re all a part of one world
We all can share the same dream
And if you just reach out to me
Then will find deep down inside
I’m just like you


  1. SloganMurugan SloganMurugan December 25, 2009

    Lovely snap. Nothing like children smiling to make your day. Merry Xmas!

  2. BK Chowla BK Chowla December 24, 2009

    It surely hurts when I see these little kids on the road side.It is my wish that all those NGOs who scream from TV studios,should arrange these kids to get together during such festivals like X'mass.May be they justify the title they have of NGO.Corinne,yours is a very touching post.

  3. Lorena Lorena December 23, 2009

    Hi Corinne, it's so true children can be happy and content with very little because they have the great gift of imagination. I watched a little 6 yr old boy play with 2 sticks in dads shop with his dad yesterday. We 2 adults commented on just the same thing how simple life can be, and how easily entertained the kids. Beautiful post

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