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The Day I Was Born #FTSF

The day I was born was a Saturday in August.

7 August 1965 was the exact date.

In that special week of August people in US were listening to I’m Henry VIII, I Am by Herman’s Hermits. In UK Help! by The Beatles was in the top 5 hits. Help!, directed by Richard Lester, was one of the most viewed movies released in 1965 while Up The Down Staircase by Bel Kaufman was one of the best selling books*.

The US President was Lyndon B Johnson, the UK Prime Minister was Harold Wilson and closer home our Premier was Lal Bahadur Sastri and our President, Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan.

More importantly for our country, it was two days after our neighbouring country had aggressively crossed over the border. The noises of war were loud. I’m sure my birth was overshadowed by the fact that it was only a few days before my Dad, an officer in the Indian Infantry, would leave to join his Army unit.

However, he was there at my birth, and I was told he sent off a telegram to my aunt who had taken my eldest brother (then 6) for a short trip, announcing the arrival of ‘Maria Corinne’. This was a name he had chosen to give his daughter long before my two brothers were born. As it turns out, a little over a week later, he had to take our family back to the city he was posted to and leave for the border. My mother, bravely looked after the three of us, all under the age of 7, while she watched Dad’s fellow officers being brought back home wounded, or worse, got news of those that had been killed.

This is a picture that Mum had taken at a studio, so that she could send it to my Dad, for him to see how I was growing. Apparently, the studio owner like his own picture so much, that he took permission to display it on his shop window!


I can only begin to imagine the insecurity that was present in our family, and I realized much later on, how much of it I had absorbed. It made me a very precocious, sensitive, yet insecure child. Perhaps, irrationally, like children often do, I felt responsible for this. So, depending on the circumstances, I became the family peace-maker or the trouble-shooter.

It is only in recent years, that I have worked on healing myself and becoming more secure about who I am – something that you will find me sharing about quite often.

I’ve shared my earliest memory with you before, so I’m not going to bore you with it again. Instead let me share with you some inane facts about me! 😉

I was born in the Chinese Year of the Snake.
As of today I am 50 years 9 months 6 days old – that’s approximately 18,542 days, 445,012 hours and 1,602,042,979 seconds old!
And in dog years I am 350 years old!**

I’d love to hear the story of the day of your birth. Do share.

(With help from *TakeMeBack  and ** Day of Birth)



Today I’m happy to be co-hosting Finish The Sentence Friday (FTSF) with Kristi Campbell of Finding Ninee, the creator of this weekly feature.

Today’s sentence is : The day I was born (reborn)…………


  1. Michelle Grewe Michelle Grewe May 19, 2016

    Interesting birth story. As a military veteran, I understand how difficult it is to be military family. I’m glad things worked themselves out.

  2. Lisa Lisa May 18, 2016

    Well, on the night I was born, my mom played cards at the kitchen table with her parents until 1AM and then finally headed to the hospital when the doc said “your contractions are HOW far apart???” Guess she had a pretty high tolerance. 😀 I arrived forty minutes later. I got to thinking about my father – he was 25 when I was born and (this just hit me while reading your post) I was 25 when he died. Wow.
    Love the Twain quote – I’m saving that one. And the photo is gorgeous!

  3. Sandy Mangis Sandy Mangis May 17, 2016

    Corinne, I love being your friend. Your story is heart warming. I was born in 1961, in the winter time. We were wheat farmers in the north corner of the United States. Living in the country near a small town of about 75 people, going to a big city was always an adventure. Since it was wintertime all the farmers were inside planning and praying for rain and snow. Of course my father always told me he wasn’t sure what day I was born. See I arrived at 11:30 at night and he was asleep in the waiting room. Back then fathers were not allowed in the delivery room. Along with me was a horrible snow storm, so I guess my presence had made a difference. Now i just have to learn how to show that off.

  4. Bellybytes Bellybytes May 16, 2016

    Finally I’ve got a chance to catch up with my reading and was happy to read about the day you were born. Being a forces brat myself u can understand how frequent stints as a single parent family affect your psyche. My dad (he was a Medical doctor in the Indian Navy) was at sea and he tells me that when he heard the news of my birth he and a friend got rip roaring drunk . If I recollect correctly he saw me a month later.
    The photo of you and your mom is simply stunning. I can understand why the photographer wanted to use it in his display window.

  5. Tamara Tamara May 16, 2016

    What a gorgeous photo! I’d display it too. I’m a professional photographer, although I don’t have a shop. These days can be different! My daughter was asking me about her birth the other day, and what people were talking about on the news. I could never forget – it was Michael Jackson’s death. It was on every channel at that point. My birth was in 1980 and although I’ve heard the story a lot, I never stopped to ask about the more global aspect of it.
    Tamara recently posted..Cheesy One Pot Baked Turkey Ziti For The Family.My Profile

  6. Josh Josh May 16, 2016

    I loved your birth story. That must have been a very tough time for your mom, trying to keep the house and manage all of you kids while your dad was away.

    It would be a challenge under any circumstances, but war has to make it so much harder.

    That is a very cool picture of you two.
    Josh recently posted..Would You Move To Cleveland?My Profile

  7. Ankita Ankita May 16, 2016

    Loved the post. I would love to write my own post on the same topic.

  8. Latonya Latonya May 15, 2016

    I’ve never really thought about the day I was born. Thanks for prompting me. The photograph is beautiful.

  9. Psychic Nest Psychic Nest May 15, 2016

    Hi Corinne,

    What a beautiful photo of you and your mom. Your eyes look up in the sky, ready to explore the world and your mom is there to support you! That is the feeling I get after seeing you both! When I was born, there was so much drama in the family because my mom got pregnant by accident. Now you can imagine what happened at that time. My dad’s family didn’t want to show up in the hospital. Thank you for sharing your beautiful story Corinne!

    Psychic Nest recently posted..Reincarnation and the AfterlifeMy Profile

  10. Eklavya Eklavya May 14, 2016

    Hi Corinne,

    In the big vast ocean of Internet, today I got a chance meeting with your blog. Before reading this article, I never thought that such websites (revolving around Date of Birth) even exist ! Out of curiosity I did my own analysis to know the history of my DOB. Thanks for suggesting these websites.

    The photo of your Mom with you looks so beautiful and nostalgic. It reminds me of a black& white photo of my childhood with my Mom. The studio owner who displayed your photo in the shop was right. This is a photo everyone can relate to.


    Eklavya recently posted..Chakra Meditation : A Definitive Guide for Absolute BeginnersMy Profile

  11. Dana Dana May 14, 2016

    I can understand why the photographer wanted to display that picture – the expression of love on your mother’s face is so clear.

    It’s interesting to consider how your family’s situation when you were born impacted the person you have become; I’ve never thought about that. My parents were both present when I was born, but my dad was in Iran on business for the first few months after my sister was born. He likes to tell me about how I ran to him when he came home, only to run back to my mother after seeing his full beard – the daddy I knew had no facial hair when he left for his trip. Three year old me was terrified of this stranger!

  12. Kristi Campbell Kristi Campbell May 14, 2016

    Oh wow, what a story and how interesting that you realized later how much the insecurities affected you. I’m glad that you rewarded yourself and I adore the photo of you and your mother. I can see why the photographer wanted it in his window. Thanks so much for this week’s sentence and for co-hosting with me.

  13. LuAnn Braley LuAnn Braley May 13, 2016

    Hey Corinne! I saw a Pls RT thingie in Shilpa’s feed and loved the quote from Mark Twain! So here I am. :O)

    It was Monday, under the sign of Libra. The US president was John F. Kennedy (Democratic). In that special week of October people in US were listening to Take Good Care Of My Baby by Bobby Vee. In UK Walking Back To Happiness by Helen Shapiro was in the top 5 hits. Breakfast at Tiffany’s, directed by Blake Edwards, was one of the most viewed movies released in 1961 while The Agony And The Ecstasy by Irving Stone was one of the best selling books.

    And the ones that really hurt?
    In dog years you are 378 years old.
    You are 19,947 days old.
    You are approximately 478,746 hours old.
    LuAnn Braley recently posted..Friday Bookish Post – May 13, 2016My Profile

  14. Haralee Haralee May 13, 2016

    What a beautiful picture! Your mother is stunning! I honestly have never thought to look at the day I was born in history, but that would be a fun thing to do with a girlfriend the same year.

  15. Vinitha Vinitha May 13, 2016

    Adorable photo, Corrine! Precious baby you were! 🙂 Must have been hard for your mom to take care of three children all by herself. Very admirable.

  16. Anamika Agnihotri Anamika Agnihotri May 13, 2016

    The moment I scrolled a little down, while reading the post, I noticed the photograph. I have watched a lot of Black and White Hindi movies and thought that photo looked like the one straight out of those movies or I guess your mum looked like one of the actresses from those days. It was just picture perfect. What a lovely way of reminiscing about the time you were born by mentioning trivia from around the world.
    Anamika Agnihotri recently posted..A ‘work-in-progress’ parent #FridayReflectionsMy Profile

  17. Harmony Vuycankiat Harmony Vuycankiat May 13, 2016

    This is a great idea for a blog post! Love the facts and details you included.

  18. Kenya G. Johnson Kenya G. Johnson May 13, 2016

    That IS a lovely photo!!! The year of that I was born my dad should have been drafted for the Vietnam war but he got out of it. I’ll have to find out exactly how so that I can rewrite the story. I can’t imagine what my life would have been like without him. So glad to read the above reply that your dad was one to make it!

    I read your post about the diamond ring so I am glad you have rewarded yourself for being the peacemaker/trouble shooter.

  19. Alana Alana May 13, 2016

    War is a hard thing for everyone – the participants, the civilians, the families. Thankful your father made it home and is still alive. Thank you for this peek into my life. Years ago, I got a news paper printed the day I was born and it was fascinating, looking through it.

  20. Dashy Dashy May 13, 2016

    Aha, my birthday is one day away from yours, although many years later. August 8th, and it happened to be a Saturday too! Such a beautiful photo that is of yours with your mother. I never did think about the day I was born…something I need to ask mom and dad about! 🙂
    Dashy recently posted..Standing outMy Profile

  21. upasna upasna May 13, 2016

    You Mom looks like a Star. I was born on 12th of November and my Parents were so happy that they missed registering my name and My Official birthday is now on 14th of November, 2 days later 😛 One more thing I wanna share- My Father was away from Home for his job and he saw me for the first time in real when I was 1. It was an interesting thing to share. Thanks Corinne.

  22. Parul Thakur Parul Thakur May 13, 2016

    I love your picture with your Mum. Such a sweet one. And that quote is wonderful. I love this weekly feature Corinne and how you chose to write about it. I am also a peacemaker at home. Atleast I would like to believe that 🙂
    Parul Thakur recently posted..#Foodventures – Desserts complete a mealMy Profile

  23. Lata Sunil Lata Sunil May 13, 2016

    First, I adore the picture. It is very beautiful. Good to know your birthday story. Imagining how difficult it must have been for your mother to manage 3 children single-handedly. I should check mine too.

  24. Nabanita Dhar Nabanita Dhar May 13, 2016

    It’s so wonderful to think about the day we were born..You brought out such an interesting side to it..The songs that were popular, who were president and what was happening in our own country…Your mum looks so pretty, Corinne and you so adorable…I know what you mean about being the peace maker in the family..I feel I have the same role and it’s exhausting..Maybe one day I’ll stop fussing about everything and everyone being perfect and happy with each other and just let them be..and in turn just let myself breathe
    Nabanita Dhar recently posted..The SwingMy Profile

  25. Deirdre Conran Deirdre Conran May 13, 2016

    Such a great and informative post! Was your father alright? I absolutely adore the photo of your mum and you. She exudes love and pride in that photo. I can see why the photographer chose to use it in his shop!

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