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Doing The Gratitude Dance!

I have two left feet, but that can’t stop me from doing the gratitude dance – everyday! Just kidding, I do it in my head.

Presenting The Gratitude Dance by The Gratidudes!

So today I’m doing the virtual gratitude dance and adding my link to Laurel Regan’s Today’s Gratitude List – Linkup No.45 as I reflect on things that I’m grateful for from the week before:

1. For good, healthy home-cooked food. So glad that we have the time to shop for good vegetables and manage to cook them to our taste!

2. For old friends who I met on the weekend and the laughter and silliness we enjoyed. I’m glad that I don’t outgrow madness and can laugh until I’m red in the face! Also gratitude for Vidya Sury, who pitched in with a post on Write Tribe as I was playing catch up!

3. For new blogging connections made via Ultra Blog Challenge and especially for Kathy Hadley who does such a good job of running it.

4. For a tweet from Nisha Sanjeev about the Write Tribe Pro Blogger Challenge. Words like this make my day!


the gratitude dance
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Gratitude dances through the open doors of our hearts.

Thank you, dear reader for your love and support!

PS: Don’t forget tomorrow is World Suicide Prevention Day. Do post about it and add you link to the linky that will be up on Write Tribe.

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