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The Mystery Of Death #MondayMusings

Having 6 members of my family pass away since May 2017, naturally makes me think of death.  I’m trying to understand is the mystery of death. I’m wondering what my parents feel on the other side. Or even if there is another side.

The Mystery Of Death

Recently, I watched an interview by Megyn Kelly (TODAY) of  Cherie Aimee, who underwent a life-changing event during cardiac arrest when she died for 90 minutes — and miraculously came back to life. Cherie talks about experiencing peace and connecting with her loved ones who had passed. She also experienced a ‘life review’ – a kind of spiritual awakening. Her experience left her unafraid of death.

There are many near-death stories that I’ve read, including of people who’ve had the scariest of feelings.

My faith tells me that when someone dies they go back to God. However, I believe that we are never really away from God to ‘go back to Him’. Perhaps, the way we experience God changes. I  believe in a God of Love and Compassion and I’m hoping that after passing that we just get to experience Him more fully.

We all walk in mysteries. We are surrounded by an atmosphere about which we still know nothing at all. – Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Am I afraid of death? Some year ago, if I was to tell you that it scares me, I wouldn’t be lying. Now, I’m not really scared anymore. Just curious.

I think in part, my lack of fear stems from the fact, that more and more of my family is passing and I’m hoping we’ll be reunited together in that great unknown.

Whatever, maybe our beliefs or the experiences of others, death continues to be a mystery – and there seems to be only one way to solve it!!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the mystery of death.

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  1. To Autumn - Everyday Gyaan To Autumn - Everyday Gyaan September 17, 2018

    […] the cycle of life. We grow and blossom, mature and then get ready for the ultimate leveler – death. To me autumn is all about celebrating life and love and taking the time to focus on our most […]

  2. Vishal Bheeroo Vishal Bheeroo September 14, 2018

    Life is so uncertain. The fear of death keeps plaguing me from time-to-time and the worry stems from the fact on whether I am living every moment of life and need to make the most of life. The sudden death of our blogger friend Alok came as a jolt on the uncertainty of existence and feel the pain of his dear ones. I believe that our journey continues and perhaps that I’ve been experiencing a lot with meditation. What matters is our constant striving to be a better human being. You have put forth an interesting perspective.

  3. Dr.Amrita Dr.Amrita September 13, 2018

    I feel life and death is a continous cycle.Like leaves falling and new leaves sprouting.A very thought provoking post.

  4. Damyanti Damyanti September 12, 2018

    Corrinne, I been through the same season a few years ago, and am readying myself for another.

    My grandma, suffering from terminal cancer taught me about death when I was 6: it is like changing clothes, she said. You just discard your old body and wear another.

    At each deathbed vigil ever since, this simple belief has taken fear and sadness from me, and kept me sane.

  5. Anamika Agnihotri Anamika Agnihotri September 12, 2018

    The thought of death scares me, maybe or maybe not. With all the books that I have read on this, the near death experiences, the past life regression accounts, I have come to believe death must be a real peaceful place to be. Peace is what we all strive for all our (living) lives and if death guarantees it then why not embrace it.
    Yet, like Lata said it is the pain and suffering in death which scares me.

  6. Esha M Dutta Esha M Dutta September 12, 2018

    Ah! This is one topic that irks me, vexes me, scares me and at some point in time in the past, has also tempted me! (It seemed like a one-stop solution to all my problems then, but not anymore). I don’t have just one reaction to how the idea of ‘death’ makes me feel. It’s different, at different times, depending on how I feel. I must tell you, I do realise the inevitability of it in our lives and yet, if I’m honest, I will tell you I’m not quite prepared to face it yet. I worry how my family—my son and my better half will cope. I worry how my parents will come to terms with it—will they, at all? Not my mum for sure. It might just take her. I worry who will manage the homefront so the boys can get on with their lives as smoothly as they do when I’m around. And yet, every time I hear about someone passing away, I feel I’m getting a little closer to death, to facing my after-life and solving the mystery that has baffled me all along—”where does one go after one dies?” Very thought-provoking post, Corinne!
    P.S. Turning blind scares me more than dying, to tell you the truth! Yes, I’m claustrophobic too. 😀

  7. Balaka Basu Balaka Basu September 12, 2018

    I have seen a lot of deaths in my life. Incidentally, I was thinking of writing about death today and then changed my mind. It is sheer coincidence that I come across your post and you wrote about death. My son recently suffered from Thanatophobia (fear of death) we had such a hard time with him. His phobia was initiated after he saw my Dad passing away. I am not scared of my own death, in fact, I would love to be reunited with my parents on the other side, however, I am scared of the death of my closed ones. I recently read a book “many lives many masters’ and it changed my perspective of death in a very positive way. If you have not read it already then do try to grab a copy.
    Loved this post. I always feel a different connection with your posts. As if you give words to my inner voice. Hugs

  8. BellyBytes BellyBytes September 12, 2018

    6 deaths in a year would be leaving you wondering about death. This one death of my father in law this year has had me thinking all the time about the passing away of others. And every day, there is a new death that I hear of albeit a stranger….. Death is a finality and I think it is something we will all deal with when the time comes. I myself am not scared but do know seeing my father in law’s struggle in his last moments that instinctively the human body wants to live. So that has taught me that I should try and make the most of my every last breath.

  9. Alana Alana September 12, 2018

    It’s not death I fear as much as the process of dying. Of those I knew who have passed on, very few had painless, peaceful deaths. There is always suffering, sometimes for years. I have to ask “why?” I think especially of my late childhood friend who fought with every ounce of strength against cancer for almost four years. The chemo caused so much of her suffering. And I think of my mother in law, struggling against a number of health conditions. I don’t have that strong faith of many that there is something afterwards. What if this is all there is? What is the point? I have still to work this out. As I enter my senior years, it becomes more urgent.

  10. Mahati ramya adivishnu Mahati ramya adivishnu September 12, 2018

    I think, more than my death, I am afraid of the death of my close ones. Death is a mystery and I think, we are never prepared for it.

  11. Sonia Chatterjee Sonia Chatterjee September 12, 2018

    After losing my mother overnight to pancreatitis, I had grown so nervous that I would always feel that death is lurking round the corner. With time, I’ve learnt to control the anxiety but death is scary.

  12. Shilpa Gupte Shilpa Gupte September 12, 2018

    Today is a day of reading and writing posts on life and death, or rather, just death.
    I am not scared of death if it were to come for me. The only thing I fear is leaving my loved ones behind, esp. my parents and my hubby. Who will look after them!?

  13. Shubhra Rastogi Shubhra Rastogi September 12, 2018

    I am not scared of death. But the only thing that I fear is what will happen to my family especially my daughter after I die. #MondayMusings

  14. Kalpana solsi Kalpana solsi September 11, 2018

    I too had a scan last year and I am claustrophobic. Seeing the narrow space, I refused . The technician (God bless him) told me to shut my eyes and chant my prayers. I calmed down and the scan was over without a hitch.

  15. Vinitha Vinitha September 11, 2018

    Makes sense, Corinne, if we believe in God how can death be going back to him, he is with us all the time, right? Earlier I wasn’t scared of death, as you said I was more curious to know what exactly happens once we die. But now I’m scared. Yesterday I was misty eyed most of the time thinking what would happen to my kids if my husband or I die! Family and love makes you strong and weak at the same time. Right?

  16. Lata Sunil Lata Sunil September 11, 2018

    i am not scared of death, just the suffering or pain before death.

    • Corinne Rodrigues Corinne Rodrigues Post author | September 11, 2018

      I understand, Lata. You know the one I am scared of is that I might need a CT scan at some stage. I’m claustrophobic!

      • Vinitha Vinitha September 11, 2018

        I had an MRI scan some 3 years ago and I thought I died. I’m claustrophobic too. It was so scary for me to lie inside that congested space and the noise wasn’t comforting either. Still shivering!

        • Kalpana solsi Kalpana solsi September 11, 2018

          I too had a scan last year and I am claustrophobic. Seeing the narrow space, I refused . The technician (God bless him) told me to shut my eyes and chant my prayers. I calmed down and the scan was over without a hitch.

  17. kalpana kalpana September 11, 2018

    To be very honest Corinne, death scares me. But the way you said it, that you are not scared but just curious…I wish I could say that. Hugs Corinne. Hope we find strength in finding the mystery and be curious rather than be scared.

    • Corinne Rodrigues Corinne Rodrigues Post author | September 11, 2018

      I think I’ve grown to this just recently, Kalpana. And yes, since death is inevitable, we need to make peace with it.

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