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To Help Pour Out The Rain

She would have been 40 today – a birthday she planned to celebrate by retiring! She had it all planned – and she worked hard to achieve her plans. And then, two years before her fortieth birthday, she died in an accident.  She was my cousin who I had carried as a baby – but someone who outgrew us all in the way she lived her life. A tiny woman, she lived life large and left a legacy of love behind.

Her immediate family, our extended family and her very large group of friends continue to ask: ‘Why?’ ………No easy answers….I guess she had achieved all she wanted to and her time had come…….

Or perhaps, God just needed another angel to help pour out the rain!

RIP – Gina…..and I’m sure you’re pouring out the most buckets! 😉

May you be inspired – everyday!

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