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Work Your Brain

Work your brain!

This is actually a message to myself.

Confession time:. I’ve been having  a few problems remembering names. Now for someone, who used to be my immediate family’s reference point for names, that’s really scary. Then sometimes I find myself struggling to get the right word………and I admit I was even more scared.
My fear: Is this the early onset of Alzheimer’s disease? I know I sound paranoid but……I’m not 🙂
I looked at the 10 warning signs provided by  and realized that I didn’t have too much to worry about. Do take a look at the signs – it’s good information to have.
English: PET scan of a normal human brain
PET scan of a normal human brain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

During my ‘research’ – Google and books, I found that the brain needs loads of exercise to stay fit. And as we grow older and more set in our ways, we tend to use our brains less! When we lose child-like wonder, and the curiosity of figuring out how things work, when we are afraid to try out new things and put our minds to the test – we are slowing letting ourselves go weak in the head!

I have found various simple things one can do to give the brain a regular work out. They’re fun activities but useful as well. Here are some things you can do:
1. Use the hand you normally don’t use, to do the following activities:
 Brush your teeth
  • Operate your computer mouse
  • Dial the phone
  • Operate the TV remote.
2. Travel. Expensive, you say? I’m not telling you to go to exotic places (you’re most welcome to – the more the better as well!). But take new routes home or to the places you usually go to. When you get back home draw a map of the route you took……Even do something as simple as trying out a new grocery store.
3. Eat – enjoy and analyze – What’s that, you say? Try out new foods. And while you’re eating them identify the ingredients……..
4. Get dressed with your eyes closed. 🙂
5. Use only signs and visual clues to communicate with someone (preferably not your boss!) over a meal.
6. Start a new hobby, learn a new language, learn a musical instrument.
7. Play word games – Scrabble for example. Solve crosswords. Play Sudoko……
In other words, do anything (legal, of course!) that stimulates your brain to THINK.
So now I have a good excuse to play a lot more Scrabble and I’m loving it.
Would love to hear what brain stimulating ideas you can come up with.
May you be inspired – everyday!
PS: Taking off from this post, Theresa , my friend from Blog Catalog, has started a great discussion there called – Test Your Dexterity – do follow it – it’s most interesting!


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