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Warning Signs That Your Content Sucks

Every single content creator has sat back and obsessed over whether their writing is any good. It’s a common theme among writers; self-criticism is a thing, and much as people around you say they like it, you still doubt it. Content is one of the most important things that you can have added to your website, and if your content sucks? Well, how would you know? Are people going to tell you or are you relying on your visitor and engagement numbers falling?

People are usually pretty blunt. Your friends will tell you that your content is great (even when its not) and yet your audience will make it plainly obvious if they don’t like your content. You can sit around and wait to see whether your engagement improves and your traffic numbers go up, or you can make your peace with the fact that your content sucks. So, now you’ve swallowed a bitter pill, how can you tell whether your content is truly awful? Let’s take a look at some of the warning signs that your content is not as great as you thought.

Warning Signs That Your Content Sucks

# 1 You Think It’s Enough.

Unfortunately, you cannot rely on your content to be “enough”. You need to know that the writing you’re putting out there is A grade, or you shouldn’t be putting it out there in the first place. You want all of your content to have a WOW factor to it, so unless you feel that, don’t publish yet. 

# 2 It’s A “Dear Diary” Moment.

Your blog? It’s not a journal. Well, it may have started out that way, but blogs have evolved since it started that way. Now, blogs need to include some highly polished content that are detailed and interesting. If yours is just a series of letters to the world about your feelings, then you’re not going to keep people engaged.

Warning Signs That Your Content Sucks

#3 You Are Lost.

Your blog needs to be at the top of the search engine results pages, and it’s in these moments that services from are going to be important to you. You need to have someone to help you navigate the search engine results waters, and you can when you put your trust in the right agency to help. Don’t get lost on the Google pages – your engagement would suck even with good content!

#4 Where’s The Conversation?

Your blog – if it’s engaging enough – should generate comments and conversation from the people reading it. When people get something from your blog, they’re going to draw you into conversation by leaving comments and asking questions. If your comment boxes are empty, you’re not entertaining or engaging anyone.

#5 People Click On…And Off.

It’s often brilliant to see the clicks on your blog, knowing the time of day that people are clicking on your posts. However, if you’ve noticed that they’re clicking right off again (according to your Google Analytics), then there’s a problem. WHY aren’t they staying? What aren’t you offering the audience? Figuring this out is going to be crucial.

You can do plenty to stop your content from disappointing people, start now and see how your analytics change. 

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