All I Want For Christmas

The celebration of Christmas has never been a big deal for me. Okay, now you’re shocked! Let me explain.

While I have fond memories of Christmas music, food and cheer from my childhood of the many Christmases at my grandparents’ homes, personally I never did get the big build up to it. So when people ask me questions like: What are you doing for Christmas? or What are you wearing for Christmas? – I have no answers. I’d rather be spending a quiet time of reflection and having a quiet meal with a small group of people. Perhaps, it’s the sheer size of my extended family that made Christmas full of bustle and yes, loads of drama. In the last few years, it’s been Jose and cooking special meals and having it together. Nothing spectacular – but I love it that way.

Then I read this article that Jose forwarded to me : Pensioner James Gray places advert in newspaper for company on Christmas Day. It’s not news really – I know how lonely people can get around festivals. But this year, I start to think about how Christmas can be so much more meaningful if we can reach out to people beyond our circle. This takes time and planning and sadly I’ve come up short for this year.

But the good news is that the Christmas season continues beyond 25th December.  I’m hoping that we can spend some time with some people, to whom our presence might make a difference. Giving money is easy – we do that – choosing mostly to give towards the education of children. But we give out of our abundance. Actually spending time, that’s harder.

caring All I Want For Christmas

So all I want for Christmas (and well into the New Year) is to find a way to make a real difference to people.

Do you have any suggestions about how I can make this happen?

It is not the love we do not receive that hurts us. It is the love we do not give. ~ Marianne Williamson (A Course in Miracles)

Please read this post – India: It Changed Me from Carol Cassara.

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 All I Want For Christmas


  1. Charity! I guess that does for me. So I usually donate stuff on Diwali and New Year. It helps me offload all that I don’t need -greed, possessiveness and maybe the boastfulness that I can afford some. Ya…that!

    Also, maybe try and make someone’s day by meeting them …maybe! :P ;)
    Rainbow Hues recently posted..Blessing In DisguiseMy Profile

  2. Dropping in on an old folks’ home is always appreciated!
    Carol Cassara recently posted..Divorce, religion + the stink of hypocrisyMy Profile

  3. We love spending time in a SOS village or Mother Teresa Home. Talking to the kids and elderly is satisfying and it means a lot to them too. The picture quote is so inspiring. Thanks for sharing!
    Shilpa Garg recently posted..A Blessing in Disguise.My Profile

  4. You know Corinne, this is something that strikes me at every festival – and heaven knows how many we have! From the time I was little, our family has had the habit of distributing what we’ve cooked for the day to street folks and all the other wonderful people who are kind enough to work tirelessly to keep us safe, keep our area clean and keep things running smoothly. These include the street cleaners, the parking lot fellers, the roadside vendors, and so on. I continue to do this and the peace that comes with seeing those smiles is supreme.
    I also go spend time with the local welfare homes – there are a couple nearby and serve them food. This makes me feel very emotional, yet fulfilled. I feel very lucky that I am where I am today.
    Hugs! Beautiful post!
    Vidya Sury recently posted..Soul Connection With Kaarina DillaboughMy Profile

  5. What a beautiful idea Corinne. Giving to others does extend beyond the Christmas season, and I loved your comment of reaching out beyond your circle. Just reaching out on a personal level or finding a charity that you feel comfortable with and getting involved could be rewarding. I hope you find something that works for you!!
    Cathy Taughinbaugh recently posted..CRAFT Can Help Your Family Change: Meet Dr. Jeffrey FooteMy Profile

  6. I’ve only once felt really sad over the holidays, it was the year my late husband passed away. But it’s my favourite time of the year, for me it’s all about love, however we express it. Whether it’s enjoying family or friends or feeding the homeless or stopping by to visit the elderly.

    I love that you’re seeking ways to make a difference Corinne and it doesn’t necessarily take much.

    We like to find gifts for the families that can’t afford presents. Getting their list and being able to fill it is a blessing for us.

    Blessings to you for this holiday season.

    Love Elle
    Elle recently posted..The Real Key To Being The Happiest Person You KnowMy Profile

  7. Love the Marianne Williamson quote:) And you don’t have to do a thing more to make a difference Corinne – you make a difference in our lives and the people around you with your written and spoken word :)

    I simply hope to be a better person for the people in my life and the world. And give them more of my time, attention and presence (as you suggest :) )

    Merry Christmas Corinne!
    Vishnu recently posted..A Simple but Powerful Practice to Change your Thoughts and Increase your Self-Worth.My Profile

  8. Your post touched me and I read all the comments. We have always been the kind of people to give as much as we can anyway we can. We have a store in a downtown area and many homeless and down and out people come in to talk, to “borrow” money when they have no where else to go and amazingly they always pay it back. It is not that we expect it but they want to do it and that is appreciated. When my children would ask me what I wanted for Christmas the answer was always the same — their time. A time to sit and reflect and play games and eat together. Last year we lost our son and his family and I would give almost anything for a hug – and their time.
    Carol Graham recently posted..I May Be Small — But I Dream BigMy Profile

  9. Sponsor a child through World Vision or become a UNICEF global parent or donate weekly to a food charity (in NZ we have food banks that distribute food to those in need) and send them a hamper for Christmas. These are the most soul satisfying things I have done and still do. This year will be the first time in my 54 years that I will spend Christmas alone. A good time to reflect, meditate and catch up on my correspondence with my little children. Wish you a Blessed one.
    Suzy recently posted..This Elf was Serenely RaptMy Profile

  10. That’s a beautiful thought Corinne and have myself till now only been planning to devote time with such special people….on my list this coming year and I have to make it happen – visit an old age home nearby…a NGO school which teaches girls and to sponsor a child.
    Aditi recently posted..‘You’My Profile

  11. I agree that’s it’s easy to give money to charity because although you’re doing good, you’re really not getting involved. I would suggest:

    1. The next time you see an elderly person sitting on their own for a while, you strike up a genuine conversation with them and offer to buy them a coffee or meal.

    2. Why not visit a neighbour you know who lives on their own and offer to spend the day with them, or bring them to your house for dinner. This time of year, many people are depressed and lonely because they have no-one.

    3. Make someone happy and pay one of their bills such as rent, electric, gas etc. Most people are having a hard time with financial problems during this economic downturn, so surprise them and give them one less thing to worry about.

    Wishing you and your love ones a very blessed and Happy New Year. Enjoy.
    Rum Punch Drunk recently posted..ReflectionsMy Profile

  12. Corinne !
    Merry Christmas to you & Jose !!
    Nice feeling to be here, thanking god for the gift of you and having known you for a long time – I just want you to be you… I go with what vishnu has said above .. You are already making a difference by your writing and sharing your insights… thanks for sharing, wishing you many more years of love, joy and peace both to you and jose !!

  13. What a good idea Corinne! I am planning on volunteering on a helpline or at a homeless shelter or even at a care home. I feel like my life has become a little bit insular and I don’t want it to be so. It makes me feel a little selfish.

    I have the application forms already…I just need to get my bottom in gear and fill them in!

    Thank you for the reminder, and the inspirational post!
    Loki-Lou recently posted..BlogHer NaBloPoMo – NightmareMy Profile

  14. Corinne so well written, for me too Christmas is about sharing along with the gaity of the season…but have grown beyond the clothes and hairdo and decoration done purely by the kids however it turns out….Yes feel we too have matured through the whole Christmas festivities…and spent Christmas day hopping to 3 different homes where folks were sick and needed to be cheered up.

  15. Really lovely thought, Corinne!
    I know a lady, coincidentally in Bandra, who has to move around Bandra every day as part of her work. She makes it a point to visit some elderly persons living with their families and spending some time, maybe 15-20 minutes with each person, every day. This adds some colour to the lives of the elderly persons and also to the families, particularly the primary care-givers.
    Another activity could be to help orphans or kids of uneducated parents in their studies or to mentor such children.
    Belated Merry Christmas to you and to my fellow-Stanislite Jose!
    Proactive Indian recently posted..Kapil’s Devils and the AAP governmentMy Profile

  16. Corrine, you’re so absolutely right. It’s a celebration that goes beyond the 25th of December, and it should take place each and everyday of our lives. You’ve already made it happen for many of us!!! Certainly so for me. I’m truly grateful to you for that. Thanks Corrine, and here’s wishing you a wonderful 2014 ahead!!! Sharing, and thanks for linking up with the CBH!
    Michelle Liew recently posted..Twelve Months PastMy Profile

  17. This Christmas Gia and I walked into the old age home next to our place. You wouldn’t believe the happiness that was on those faces watching little one walk in like she owns the place. It always feels great when you can give so much without really trying.
    Shefali recently posted..Getting ThereMy Profile

  18. My clothes dryer broke down a couple weeks ago and while waiting for the part to come in, I have had to go to the local laundromat. While there the other day, I had a brainstorm and started chuckling to myself. The place was very busy and mostly elderly people and young moms with children. I went around the dryer section and when people weren’t looking put quarters in the dryers and then sat down to watch the response. It was such a delight. While scrambling for their quarters they looked up and their dryers were already running. It took a lot for me to not sit there and smile — but that would have been a dead give away and would have spoiled it. It’s the little things that mean so much to so many.
    Carol Graham recently posted..I May Be Small — But I Dream BigMy Profile

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