A little boy came back from Sunday school one morning and his father asked him:
“Well, what did you learn?”.
The little boy replied: “How the people of Israel were kept in Egypt and used as slaves by this guy called Pharaoh.”
“Oh?” said the father. “Then what happened?”
The little boy went on
“A guy named Moses tried all these special effects on them. It was really wicked. He turned the river to blood, he covered the Egyptians with frogs, and bugs, and boils. He beat them down with hailstones, and locusts, and scared them with an eclipse of the sun. He started killing their cattle and then finally killing their oldest kids.”
“And did it work?’ his Dad asked
“Well, Pharaoh lets them go after the kids were killed, but then he sent his army after them.”
“And then what?”
“Well . . . Moses calls in the Israeli air force. And they strafed the Egyptian tanks and destroyed them on the ground. They also gave cover while the engineers lay down this pontoon bridge across the Red Sea. And then the people of Israel crossed over without getting their feet wet. But when the Egyptian army got on the pontoon bridge, the air force came back and bombed it away, and the Egyptians drown.”
“Is that what your teacher told you?” his father asked
“Well, not exactly. But if I told it the way she did, you’d wouldn’t believe me!

I’m sure you’ve heard this joke before. It’s really a favourite of mine.

But I’ve been thinking beyond this joke and looking at how ‘realistic’ the boy was being. That little kid sure didn’t seem to believe in miracles, did he?

And we’re all pretty much the same too. We seem to fight the miracles in our life. We look at our mistakes and shortcomings and don’t believe that we’ll ever overcome them. We don’t give grace a chance. We don’t truly believe that the world will one day be a better place – a safe place for our women and children. We don’t give other people a chance – they will stay just the way they are. We don’t believe that the power of compassion, kindness giving and gratitude can change lives. We don’t really believe in fighting for truth and justice – because nothing is going to change – it’s the way of the world, we say!

If we truly, truly believed in miracles – we would seem them all around us – every day! We would trust ourselves and the Universe to take care things. We would see hope in the darkest of circumstances. We would be realistic, but we would plan and make room for miracles, for grace and for the light to overcome the darkness!

Be realistic plan for a miracle, said Osho.

Do you believe in miracles?

be realistic plan for a miracle