“You want to be what when you grow up?”
“Only men can do that!”
“Get your head out of the clouds.”
“You have an overactive imagination.”
“Foolish daydreams! Get real, kid.”
She smiled to herself as she heard those voices coming back to her from the past.
She buttoned up her jacket, picked up her bag and walked…….
A little while later she took her seat and started her preparations…
Still later, she adjusted the microphone and said,
“Ladies and gentlemen, this is your Captain….”
Her head would always stay in the clouds,
for foolish daydreams do come true sometimes!

Do you daydream? Do you believe that dreams come true?


I’m undertakingΒ  the Blogging from A-Z April Challenge on From 7Eight, the blog that I share with my husband and dog! So there was no 100 Words on Saturday post yesterday. However, I think I’m addicted to the 100 word format and couldn’t resist writing this for The Writer’s Post Thursday Blog Hop hosted by Talya Tate Boerner of Grace Grits and Gardening who gave us the prompt ‘Daydream’.


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