There are days when I’m attempting to play catch up on all the promises I’ve made, especially the ones to myself.

Days when I feel the burden of guilt for not getting posts out by the schedule I’ve promised. It’s easy to think that I’m ever so important, that you’re hanging on to my every word.

It’s easy to lose perspective.

Gratefully present in the present?

It’s easy to look back with regret. Asking myself a whole series of questions about the bad choices I’ve made at some point or the other. Wondering why I allowed myself to be manipulated in some relationships. Remembering hurtful incidents or times when I’ve been rejected….

It’s easy to look forward with fear. Wondering what will become of me if I was left alone. How would I manage if I fell ill or was bedridden. Fearful of who will look after us when we grow old.

Anger, fear, regret, hurt, can become the currency I deal with every day. Comparing myself with another and wondering why I can’t have the life she has. So easy to lose sight of all I have. To take it all for granted. To feel entitled.

What is sometimes the hardest thing to do is to be present in the present.
Marvelling at the preciousness of life.
Revelling in the fellowship of good friends
Basking in the glow of love
Savouring experiences of good food, good weather, sunshine and rain.

Being grateful for the abundance of all I have.

Today I will be gratefully present in the present.

The beauty of life is that we can stop and take stock
Rewrite and reinvent.
Pledge to live differently.

Today I pledge myself to these words…….

If you must look back, do so forgivingly
If you must look forward, do so prayerfully
However, the wisest thing you can do
is to be present in the present….
~ Maya Angelou


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