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Finding The Magic In Everyday Moments #weekendcoffeeshare

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you how blessed I feel at this point in time. I’d tell you how I’m learning more and more to see beauty around me. I’m learning that despite being more busy than ever, it’s easy to be mindful if you tune your mind to look for beauty. I’m grateful that I’m finding the magic in everyday moments and loving it. I am gratefully present in the present.

Finding The Magic In Everyday Moments

“The only true enlightenment is awareness of the vivid reality of life, moment by moment.” – Kosho Uchiyama


Accidental selfies with Lucky.

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It is when we are confronted with…poignant reminders of mortality that we become most aware of the strangeness and wonder of our brief life on Earth. – Kathleen Basford

A tree planted by streams of water.Psalm 1.3

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The wind traverses the vast sky,
clouds emerge from the mountains;
Feelings of enlightenment and things of the world
are of no concern at all.
Suchness — Zen Master Keizan Jõkin

A view from our bedroom window. Flowering despite the summer. #mindfulness #flowers

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The woods are lovely, dark and…. Oh no, it’s just the road in front of our house. #livingfearlesslyauthentic

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Lighting up the workplace. #mindfulness #beautyisallaround

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If we were having coffee, what would you tell me?

weekend coffee share

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  1. […] If were having coffee, I’d tell you that I’ve been posting a lot here although I’ve been ill. First, a low grade fever and then a very bad body ache. I that it’s all symptomatic of emotional turmoil that I’m going through. But I’m not going to dwell on that today. Rather, I’d love to tell you that I enjoyed looking at little plants starting to grow in the wet weather we’re having, doves walking about (Lucky attempts to catch them!), lots of yellow butterflies, rain lilies and these toad stools that have sprung up in our backyard. Yes, I’m finding peace in wild things. […]

  2. MALINY MALINY April 16, 2017

    Loved the pictures, Corinne. If we were having coffee, I would say that I have had a wonderful time this weekend and I am looking forward to a great week ahead 🙂 I wish you a good week ahead too!

  3. Fabida Abdulla Fabida Abdulla April 13, 2017

    Such lovely pictures, especially the view from your bedroom! If we were having coffee right now, I’d tell you that I’m glad and grateful for everything I do, and hope I can enjoy my blessings to the fullest!

  4. Kelly L McKenzie Kelly L McKenzie April 10, 2017

    I would tell you how Spring’s arrival is very late this year due to our unseasonably snowy Winter here in western Canada. However, there is hope. The daffodils are up and the magnolia tree outside my bedroom window is finally ready to pop.

  5. Ishieta @ Isheeria's Ishieta @ Isheeria's April 10, 2017

    Lovely picture and thoughts. Definitely makes me want to take a moment to enjoy my coffee and life 🙂

  6. Vasantha Vivek Vasantha Vivek April 10, 2017

    Lovely clicks and excellent words. When I share a cup of Coffee with you, I will also share about the little things that me happy every day.

  7. Shilpa Gupte Shilpa Gupte April 10, 2017

    Oh, wow, another coffee-lover!
    If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I so agree with what you said in your post, and that how I have begun doing the same thing, myself! I take one day at a time, think about everything that I want to do and also look at the little things that I used to miss out on earlier and take those things like doses of happiness to keep me going.
    Things like my veggie garden doing quite well despite the summer- it tells me that I am taking good care of my plants.
    My baking seems to be improving slowly and steadily – that gives me immense joy! And, as is my writing! My Chikoo, when he relaxes with his head on my lap gives me joy, considering I don’t know how much time I have with him. Little things that I ought to be grateful for…
    Erm, was that a bit too much? 🙂 <3

  8. Nabanita Dhar Nabanita Dhar April 10, 2017

    Beautiful captures, Corinne. I especially like the tree by the stream, sort of feels familiar. Well, if we were having coffee, I would tell you it’s been really a busy couple of weeks and I’m glad I’m getting some time off for coffee 🙂


    I would sip my gigantic mug of tea and tell you about the Jacaranda tree that is full of purplicious blooms and inciting other trees next to it to burst into flowers too!!
    I would tell you all about the sparrows I have started seeing and hearing once again on my balcony and the gardens below.
    And I would also share with you my angst over house moving 😉

    Theme: Peregrination Chronicles (travel)
    H id for a stinky high at ChangLa pass in Ladhakh #atozchallenge

  10. Amrita Amrita April 10, 2017

    The only true enlightenment is awareness of the vivid reality of life, moment by moment.” – Kosho Uchiyama
    This I realized and it has been a tremendous journey after that.The only thing that matters is to be happy now and take care of things now.That way tomorrow gets taken care of too.Lovely post and love all plants

  11. Alice Gerard Alice Gerard April 10, 2017

    I prefer tea but I would tell you about the crocuses that are blooming in my little garden. The little lavender beauties are the first signs of life in my garden. They are banishing winter and bringing hope and color back to a gray landscape.

  12. bettylouise31 bettylouise31 April 9, 2017

    Welcome me to Coffee share. Yo ur pictures are lovely.

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