Corinne and I were discussing the refugee crisis in Syria as she was bathing me this morning. She told me that heart-wrenching story of little Aylan Kurdi.

We went on to discuss J K Rowling’s tweets on the refugee issue and Corinne shared two of the authors tweets with me.

The first one:

The second one:

I’ll admit that the second tweet had me upset for a minute, until I understood the context. J K Rowling was not criticising the need for care for dogs. No, she was merely criticising the media for not giving enough coverage to the refugee crisis.

I heard too that the Pope Francis appealed to European Catholics, calling every parish and institution to take in at least one refugee family.  I’ve admired him for taking the name of a saint renowned for his love for animals. With this news, he  went up in my estimation.


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My question today is to you, human beings.

How can you stay silent in the face of such suffering?

How can you close your hearts and minds to people dying to live?

What use are all your scientific and technological advances, if they make you less than human? 

What will it take for you to have a heart?

Your furry and confused friend,


PS from Corinne : I have chosen have Pablo speak on this issue, not because it’s not serious. On the contrary the gravity of this situation makes it hard for me to find words.

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