I gave the picture below as the prompt for  #100WordsonSaturday feature on Write Tribe yesterday. A friend messaged me to say that it was a tough prompt. I emailed her back three ways in which she could interpret it. I’m sure there are several other ways too, and I look forward to reading all of them. This otherwise very creative friend, was perhaps thinking too hard when she messaged me.

idea factory

While I’m not attempting to interpret the prompt in this post, it got me thinking about ideas, how they occur to us and what we do with them.

Idea Factory

I’m constantly having the craziest ideas when I’m bathing, just before going to sleep or when lolling around in bed. I’ll ‘invent’ all sorts of stuff, come out with the weirdest solutions to things and enjoy myself doing that. I keep bugging my trying-hard-to-sleep husband, that someone should pay me for my ideas. In this fantasy, all I have to do is come out with the ideas, people snatch them up and pay me for them. José is certainly not impressed. Instead he might fall asleep mid-idea and mumble something unintelligible when I press him for a response.

My idea factory comes alive when I’m really not working on it. Things pop into my head when I don’t try too hard. I’m certain that’s how it works for most of us. It’s the disciplined ones among us that will then write these ideas down and see how they can be implemented.

The whole business of whether you can learn to be creative, think outside the box (should there be a box at all?) and idea generation is fascinating.

Today, I’m taking the easy way out and sharing a couple of links about idea creation with you.

Generating New Ideas – Think Differently and Spark Creativity – From Mind Tools

The ability to generate new ideas is an essential work skill today. You can acquire this skill by consciously practicing techniques that force your mind to forge new connections, break old thought patterns and consider new perspectives.

How to Encourage More Creative Thinking – Sparring Mind

A very well-researched article which will give you plenty of inputs on idea generation.

Do you own an idea factory too? 😉


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