I don’t believe in tarot cards (no offence meant to anyone who does), but when my blogging friend, Modern Gypsy, put out three cards on her Facebook page on Saturday and asked us to pick one, I chose card #2. The next morning, I read what her card reveal had to say : You’re bursting with new ideas that inspire you, and new opportunities that are bringing you renewed hope that your dreams will come true. All’s well in your world. Allow your hear to overflow with enthusiasm and let your light shine brightly. Go you!  I believed this. Because it is that time of the year again.

Every year, as November approaches, my mind goes into overdrive about what I want to do the following year. No, I’m not living in the future, just preparing for it. This year too it’s happening. I’ve started thinking about my ‘word for the year‘, looking back on whether I’ve lived according to it in 2016, looking forward to wonder what my word will be for 2017. I’ve started settling my cupboards. This morning I sorted my art stuff out. No, I’m not an artist, but in the recent past, I’ve started to dabble in art journaling.

Here’s what I found today – a collage that I made in February 2015.


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It got me all excited because then and now it has so much meaning for me. I plan to create a vision board too this year, as I did some years back.

It Is That Time Of The Year Again

So what if I’ve not been able to live up to many of my plans? I’m grateful for what I’ve managed to do this year and excited to dream and create in the year ahead.


Is it that time of the year for you as well?


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