I’m just back from the dentist – having had to remove a tooth. I was told that if I had come in a little earlier my tooth could have been saved. Why had I not gone earlier? Why did I wait for an infection to take over before I decided to go to the dentist? Neglect.

Neglect of my physical health has been a repeated pattern in my life.

Last year, I took some steps to rectify that by taking time off to visit a Nature Cure facility. I lost weight and started an exercise regimen. I began to eat healthier too. Like always, the exercise part didn’t last. However, I’m glad to report that some things improved – healthier eating habits, regular massages and better care of myself. But not enough.

I’m questioning the reason for this pattern of not being able to commit to exercise. I believe that if we are to grow we must look at holistic growth : the psychological, the physical, the social and the spiritual. More and more, I see a connection between health of mind and spirit and health of body. I’m certain that my mind and spirit send messages to my body. Something prevents me from taking responsibility to exercise regularly. I’m searching deep within. Meanwhile, I need someone to give me a hard kick in the rear. My husband has retired from the job – and I can’t blame him. He did try. Now it’s up to me. It always was. It always will be.


“Love is always the answer to healing of any sort.” ~ Louise Hay

I am very good at telling other people what to do for their health and healing – it’s time I loved myself enough to do the same for me. I choose now to break the pattern of neglect. I choose to be healthy.

I’m committing myself to holistic growth this year.

What are you doing for your health in 2013?