I know who I am, and I like myself.
That wasn’t so a few years ago.
No past regrets
No future fears
Can hold me back any more.
Faith, hope, love
That’s what I choose
Laughter, friendship
And yes, my Muse
From today, I will always be
Queen of my own life,
Just watch me.


The other day, I had a great laugh when some thought that the ultimate insult they could throw at me was call me ‘an old woman’. I found it funny, because here I am dying to be 50 when I’m still 48! I felt a little sorry too for that young woman – for having such a twisted view of life and aging.  Perhaps, she just reflects what society believes about women and aging.

The fact is that journeying through midlife can be a wonderful experience. I wish more women would realize some truths about aging, midlife and menopause. The truth is that aging is not something that happens to you and you have no control over. In fact, it’s a wonderful time to reinvent yourself.

You know what the best news about this time of life is? It is that start of one of the most creative times of your life. You are no longer competing with anyone else other than yourself.  Over all,  you’re a lot cooler than you were as an opinionated, competitive, can’t-see-the-other-point-of-view 25 year old!

Now if that’s not wonderful, what is?


I’m on Day 6 of the Write Tribe Festival of Words.