Ring Ring….telephone ring…..goes the song from Lobo echoing times when that sound was actually welcome – because we heard it so infrequently.

Not anymore I’m afraid! Isn’t this picture quite typical of our public gatherings these days?

Spending quality family time together ...

Just the other day at a restaurant, I watched the host leave her guests at the table – to get to know each other – while she took a phone call which lasted for a long time. At a get-together recently, I sat next to someone who texted her way through the evening, mindless of the people around. Why do such people bother to get together with others? Won’t they be better off talking or texting by themselves and leave the others to their own devices? Okay, that’s a bad pun, but you get my drift!

Bad mobile phone manners include

Having an obnoxiously loud ringtoneThe sign in the Catholic Church reads: ‘No WMDs allowed.” WMDs? Weapons of Mass Distraction. Yes, our lovely mobile phones. Nothing worse than to have one ring in the middle of a religious service! Don’t people know how to turn their phones off or put them on vibrate mode? Seems not!

Speaking loudly in public.  Why do people think it’s okay to let the whole world know what’s going on in their private lives?

Being disruptive.  I’ve actually sat next to someone talking on his mobile phone while we took a final test in Spanish!  I think he got his telephone etiquette course in the wrong language.  I felt like it translating for him by gently pressing his neck! 😉

Talking or texting while driving or riding. You would think that this is understood, right? Wrong! I’ve seen far too many people being so careless about their safety and that of other people.

Taking personal calls during business meetings and business calls during personal meetings.  I can only think that people want to turn off their business associates by wasting their time, or are trying to  impress  family and friends with how important  they are.  Shouldn’t the people you are with be your first priority? I saw a nice reminder about this:

Need I say more?

This is written in response to the prompt ‘Telephone’ by Cat Graham for The Writers’ Post Thursday Blog Hop #90